Beavers All

I'm a Beaver. You're a Beaver. We’re Beavers All. And when we get together, we do the Beaver
Call. BEA - VER Beavers. Beavers. Go Beavers!

Bluffton has been known as The Beavers since the late 1920s when long-time coach A.C. Burcky noted that Beavers are “resourceful, indefatigable (don't tire easily), accomplish more with less ("works with twigs, building up large things from small”) and work to leave the world a better place ("never does things any worse than its ancestors did.")
Let us celebrate the many ways that we are Beavers All!  

Embracing opportunities

The ability to form connections with your professors is just one of the benefits of a small campus, according to Madelyn Renner, nutrition and dietetics major and President's Ambassador.

Providing support

Working with children who need extra support is a passion for education student Jordan Hemmelgarn. A President's Ambassador, she appreciates the support provided by faculty, coaches and staff.

Small community

President's Ambassador and criminal justice/social work double major Noah Macke appreciates Bluffton's tight-knit community.

Helping others

Helping children communicate clearly is a goal for President's Ambassador Gracie Christensen, a speech-language pathology and audiology major from Alger, Ohio.

Health through diet

Learning to manage diabetes through diet led to a major in Nutrition and Dietetics for President's Ambassador and international student Adriana Rodriguez from Honduras.

Feeling at home

Josh Webster chose Bluffton University for its friendly, supportive atmosphere. The goal for this President's Ambassador is a career in athletic training.

President's Ambassador Kayla Nartker

Future educator

Following family footsteps brought Kayla Nartker to Bluffton and to the education department. She greets campus guests as a President's Ambassador.

President's Ambassador

As a President's Ambassador, Serenity Sites will work to recruit prospective students, welcome guests to campus and engage with alumni and donors.

An offensive lineman for the Beavers, Cael Rose is preparing for a career in education by tutoring and teaching in the Basic Math class.

Calculus tutor

Cael Rose '26, a math major from St. Paris, Ohio, is doing his part to foster a sense of community on campus by tutoring in the Learning Resource Center.

Karter Tow’s ultimate goal is to become a sports dietitian for professional athletes.

Sprinting to the future

"I have the Boston Marathon, then graduation, the cross-cultural trip and then a few days later I start my master's classes."

A commuter student, Morgan Deffenbaugh stays connected on campus as a member of Delight Ministries.

Relating to struggles

Having overcome struggles with math as a child, Morgan Deffenbaugh, a primary P-5 education/intervention specialist major, is now helping teach the Basic Math class.

Ashley Kloeker '26 dreams of returning to the Miami Valley to teach high school math and coach varsity softball.

First-year teaching

First year classroom experience required for all education majors confirmed for Ashley Kloeker her desire to teach. However, she realized her true passion is in connecting with older students.

From elementary teacher to substitute teacher to director of student success, it’s always been about relationship-building for Christy Garmatter ’97, MAEd ‘04.

Student success

Director of Student Success Christy Garmatter will build relationships through the Day One Ready process for incoming students and the Bluffton 360 platform for current students.

Courtney Duer is already using frameworks gleaned from her MSW classes as she works with clients at Westwood Behavioral Health.

Online MSW meets needs

"The discussions in class, whether they're with the professors or the other students, are so beneficial to helping solidify the material we are reading and learning."

2023-24 Beavers: Zach Boch, Noah Heiing, Karley Ramirez, Angel Velasco Urbina, Emma Schutz and Hayley Lewis

Mascots revealed

"It was a diverse group, but we came together even though we were working with people outside of our normal friend groups. Working with them secretly was really fun."

Between study abroad sessions, Jayden McConnell has served as paid intern for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

Cross cultural x2

"Originally, I was only going to go for six months. My Spanish was improving a lot, but I wasn't as fluent as I was hoping to be so that's when I started to wonder if I could do this again."

Caitlin Bennett shares the love of Christ as a volunteer with Young Life in Shawnee School District.

Teaching in ministry

Caitlin Bennett '24 started at Bluffton as an intervention specialist major but ultimately found her vocation in ministry rather than education.

Trin Borgman’s vocation was confirmed through experiences at The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center and Lima City Schools.

Chicago internship

Trin Borgman is considering a career in school social work but will further explore her options with social work field experience at the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture.

Bluffton's first Master of Nutrition and Dietetics cohort

First MND cohort

"I'm learning so much more about the field of dietetics in general and what you will need to know as a dietitian."

Working with authors for “Bridge: The Bluffton University Literary Journal” has made Basil Gates a stronger writer.

Art and writing major

Basil Gates, an inspiring graphic novel author/illustrator gains experience as an art and writing major and member of literary journal editorial team.

Anton Miller organizes Refuge 461 events on campus, including Wild Church at the Nature Preserve and a World Kindness Day observation.

Paid internship

Anton Miller is a paid intern for Refuge 461, a spiritual formation organization organized by Marcella Ciccotelli, a United Methodist Church pastor.

Physics and pre-engineering major Isabel Miller plans to continue her education in aerospace engineering.

Future engineer

"The one-on-one work is a lot of help. It's a lot easier to talk to your professor when you have an issue. We can prepare and talk about my future."

In preparation to be a high school science teacher, J.T. Taviano is taking a wide variety of science classes - including physics.

Chemistry and coaching

A future as a science teacher and coach was confirmed for chemistry major J.T. Taviano by his student teaching experience and serving as a volunteer football coach.

As her internship at NWO Orthopedics concludes, Erin Mickley is packing her bags for a semester in Greece.

Pre-PT internship

"It's very interesting. I'm learning new exercises people can do and the way you can manipulate one exercise to target completely different muscle groups."

Transfer student Rosanna Barber took a class in ceramics and was hooked.

Second-place ceramic

Rosanna Barber's pit-fired vase "Trial by Night" won second place at the Findlay Art League's Ceramic Show. TR Steiner, ceramics instructor, took home Best of Show.

“I’m getting a lot of experience, and I’m learning about the tests, why we’re running them, what they’re for and what you can assume based on the results,” said Lundquest.

Experience in the lab

“I’m getting a lot of experience. I’m learning about the tests, why we’re running them, what they’re for and what you can assume based on the results.”

Cheyanne Bolden is drawn to psychology and social work studies to help people find solutions.

A quest to help people

Originally a nursing major, Cheyanne Bolden switched to psychology because she likes learning about how people work. Then a summer experience led her to add a major in social work.

Education wasn't Edward Hardaway's original plan. However, when others suggested he would make a good teacher, he listened and found his calling.

Filling a need

"Especially being African American, the kids need you. People with backgrounds similar to you need you because yours is a face that's not common in the teaching profession."

Olivia Daugherty serves as Bluffton’s Campus Climate Ambassador, program director for 96.1 The Wit, a resident advisor and vice president of Hall Association.

A summer in DC

Olivia Daugherty '24, a communication and media major, spent the summer in Washington, D.C., as a Climate Change Ambassador for the Anabaptist Climate Collaborative

What started as a request to assist a dancer with Down syndrome started a life-long passion for Ella Meyers.

Helping others succeed

Ella Meyers '26, an intervention specialist major, isn't waiting until graduation to start helping people with disabilities. She is working now with clients to meet their personal goals.

Andrew Collinsworth gained familiarity in the radio broadcast booth and has dabbled in sports writing and journalism.

Sports broadcasting

Andrew Collinsworth '25 works as a student assistant in Bluffton's public relations office developing social media content and creating visuals such as game-day graphics.

Commuter Katrina Stone finds peace behind the keyboard.

Building an app

"There was one point I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it. I messaged Dr. Mullins and she was, 'No, we have this.' That gave me the confidence to continue."

Trey Clemons is looking forward to having a job where he isn’t sitting behind a desk all day and the stability provided by the supply chain management field.

Intro to logistics

"Anything from hazmats to groceries. They move absolutely everything... You see semis out on the road... Now, I wonder what they're moving. It changes your perspective."

Sydney Trevino enjoys the hands-on experience offered through the social sciences department including field trips to area detention centers and prisons.

Gaining confidence

"People with drug addiction often find themselves in the criminal justice system, so having educational background in criminal justice as well as psychology will help me to help them."

Jackson Clark is active on campus as a Student Senator, RA, soccer player and more.

Grab every opportunity

"If somebody suggests you do something at Bluffton, take their advice and do it." Advice from Jackson Clark, a business administration and marketing double major.

Both Brittney and Karley Ramiriz will graduate early, thanks to the easy transfer of College Credit Plus classes.

More than sisters

Roommates. Teammates. And yes, sisters. Brittney and Karley Ramirez create their home away from home at Bluffton.

Brooke Barnes '24 is preparing for optometry school through her personal initiative and the support of mentors.

Her future is clear

It's optometry-based and looks into how nutrition effects the health of the eye." A research project mentored by Bluffton professor of biology.

Social work major Leah Bowman spent her summer working with children living in a domestic violence safe house or transitional housing.

Social work internship

We're doing a lot of trauma informed care and a lot of activities around emotional regulation, but sometimes we just hang out with the kids. Other times, there's a parent-child activity."

Carter Ritchey explored five majors before finding his place in Communication and Media.

Then to find a major

Before I even talked to anyone on campus, it just felt like home. As soon as I got out of the parking lot, I was like 'this is it.'"

Leading campus tours allows Emily Buss to share the Bluffton 'vibe.'

Welcome to Bluffton

When Emily Buss '25 visited Bluffton University in high school, the campus community fit all her requirements--it was close to family, offered her major and provided a friendly environment.

Matt DeRitter created wraps for cars, promotional work for racetracks and designs for Hot Wheels.

Freelance designer

Graphic design major Matt DeRitter runs two graphic design businesses, MDR Designs, to develop logos and brand guidelines, and MRDR Graphics, which focuses on racing graphics.

As a sophomore, Angel Velasco Urbina took steps to become more involved in campus life.

Campus leader

I visited in the middle of July and decided let's give this a try. I went to the last orientation, and I was like, 'yep, I'm coming here.' I've loved it ever since."

While exploring her life goals in the Becoming a Scholar class, Katie Fleshman realized her planned major didn't really feel right.

Exploring choices

Social work major Katie Fleshman originally pursued accounting. But the major never really felt right. Then, a comment from a professor led Fleshman to further explore her choice.

Kennedy Parker '25, a communication and media major and two-sport athlete, transferred to Bluffton after a frustrating first year at a different university.

Go where you are happy

Kennedy Parker '25, a communication and media major and two-sport athlete, transferred to Bluffton after a frustrating first year at a different university.

A simple conversation inspired Heather Sauder to consider a future in TESOL.

Figuring it out

Heather Sauder was initially stuck between an elementary education or accounting major. Now that she's chosen education, she's pondering between a TESOL or traditional classroom.

Growing up in the Gaza City, Tareq Abuhalima originally learned about Bluffton University when volunteering to videoconference with students taught by professor of education Paul Neufeld Weaver.

Teaching peace

It's been a successful start to the [Teaching Peace to Children] program. We are planning to duplicate it in the fall. It's important to familiarize children with these topics."

Meredith Obringer gained experience with a full-time, paid internship at Purdue University’s Department of Nutrition Science.

Competitive internship

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. It's all paid. They're even paying for my living expenses. It's a full-time job doing something I actually want to do!"

Kyle Jolliff hopes to impact future generations in the classroom.

Making history fun

Kyle Jolliff '26, a history major, confirmed his vocation by shadowing teachers at Ada High School as a first-year student. He gained additional experience by substitute teaching.

Lindsey Shaw appreciated the personal interactions of the nursing profession, and the pace of nursing in the ER.

Purpose in the ER

After gaining experience in the Blanchard Valley Health System emergency room, nursing major Lindsey Shaw confirmed her occupational fit.

In preparation for a career in health care, Caleb Bell became an EMT, participated in a summer research program at St Rita’s and shadowed several doctors.

Support for med school

Caleb Bell received a $5,000 award supporting future physicians. The Dr. John Kraft Award is a loan which is canceled upon completion of the first year of medical school.

English major Deborah Yoder envisions an optimistic future in “The Water Collectors.”

Solar Punk sci-fi

Deborah Yoder '23 earned departmental honors authoring science fiction short stories. "The Water Collectors" addresses issues such as sustainability and climate change through an optimistic lens.

Ella Wiley plans to begin her education career in Columbus, Ohio.

Making an impact

The hardest goodbye came on the last day of student teaching for Ella Wiley, elementary education graduate. She gained experience dealing with difficult situations and knowing when to be stern.

After graduation, Sarah Woods will be joining the team at Crime Victim Services as a relationship violence survivor advocate, where she will help domestic violence victims who are who are going through court proceedings.

Nonprofit field

Sarah Woods wanted to pursue a business degree but was unsure what direction it would lead her. After completing four internships, she now is focused on nonprofit management.

“Your work ethic; having good communication with customers, partners and coworkers; showing up on time and being reliable. They really emphasize the business world,” said Davis.

Consistency is key

Business is all about what you put into it. How much work you’re willing to do… [At my internship,] they’ve done a good job emphasizing what it takes to succeed.”

Starting as a semester-long intern, Ethan Stearns continued to work as a Bluffton University sports information assistant for the full year.

SI assistant

The internship is teaching me about how open my communication needs to be just so that I can get my job done and make everyone else's job easier, too."

After graduation, Andrea Peralta Morales plans to take advantage of a program allowing international students to work in the United States for a year following graduation to gain additional experience.

Marketing success

Andrea Peralta Morales '23, an international student from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, was introduced to marketing through her family's business. She is honing her skills through multiple internships.

“I learned what specific aspects go into recruiting someone and basically how to be a good recruiting coach and finding the right people for your team.”

Football intern

Grace Fillinger's '23 ultimate goal is becoming an athletic director, but after her internship she developed an interest in recruiting and could see herself as a recruiter after graduation.

Lesniewski is gaining practical experience in criminal justice and psychology fields this semester as an intern with the United States Marshals Services based out of Toledo, Ohio.

US Marshal intern

We want to see the world as a peaceful place, but some individuals have bad tendencies. It’s good to know there are good people who can handle these situations.”

Carson Kindred went into his internship expecting to mostly observe but walked away with practical knowledge including therapy and rehabilitation experience.

More than observing

Carson Kindred gained practical knowledge, including therapy and rehabilitation experience, from an internship with the Findlay High School strength and conditioning football coach.

As an exercise science major, Haley Byrnes gained experience as an athletic training intern for Bluffton's football team.

Support for the future

I felt like I was another athletic trainer. Every time we traveled to another school where there was a graduate program, [I was] introduced to their trainers as a prospective student."

Sydney's internship confirmed her career choice, and following graduation she plans to pursue a career in cardiac rehabilitation.

Cardiac health

Sydney Zinkon gained hands-on experience as an intern in the cardiac pulmonary rehabilitation unit working with patients who had asthma or lasting issues due to COVID 19.

Sara Hivera Rios learned the importance of teamwork through her remote marketing internships.

Remote internships

International student Sarah Rivera Rios '23 from Honduras gained academic credit while supporting small businesses and women leadership. She gained social media marketing experience through two remote internships.

Sammi Urban said the top characteristics she aspires to be in a future coach is to be stern but fun, demonstrate discipline but not be over the top, and most importantly, to be a good listener.

Future in coaching

Something unexpected Sammi Urban learned during the internship was the amount of time each college coach invests in their program from scheduling, budgeting, and everything in between.

Introducing the performers behind J. Denny and Jenny: Laura Irwin, Anton Miller, Ashley Eachus, Darius Boeke and Madison Staton.

It can now be told

Perhaps one of the most tightly guarded secrets at Bluffton is the identities of J. Denny and Jenny Beaver. Who were in the mascot suits in 2022-23?

Jacob Boelkens applies learning from the business studies classroom to an internship with the Bluffton Bread Company.

Rolling in the dough

It’s one thing to see it in class, but it’s another thing to actually see it in an actual workplace setting, it all makes sense when put together.”

During Rachel Hellman’s internship she helped in creative projects for The Met as well as design projects for Lima Senior softball team and travel team.

A foot in the door

Rachel Hellman '23, got her foot in the door at The Met during her Learning in Community class when she met the owner, Robert Nelson.

Kaylie Campbell is applying to graduate schools with the hopes of becoming a school psychologist or mental health therapist.

Reducing the stigma

I have always been interested in the human mind. When I originally came in undecided, I took Introduction to Psychology and became even more interested in it.”

Through a Bluffton Bread Company internship, Eli Grieser is learning that a small business does not necessarily mean it is easy to manage.

A taste of reality

Internships on and off-campus provide additional understanding for Eli Grieser, a business administration/marketing double major.

Theri Phetlhu landed a paid position with Double A Solutions through networking and started in June of 2022

Paid internship to job offer

A paid marketing internship with Toledo software company Double A Solutions may lead to a full-time job for Dec. 22 graduate Theri Phetlhu.

While Olivia (Lou) Westcott considers herself a proficient writer, she learned that for broadcast news, the writing style needs to be more conversational.

Broadcast news

Olivia (Lou) Westcott '23, a convergent media major, interned with WLIO-TV in Lima, Ohio to confirm her interests of pursuing a career in broadcast news.

Working with the Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity introduced Ella Zaborowski to an unexpected passion.

God's hands and feet

A summer internship introduced senior marketing major Ella Zaborowski to opportunities in nonprofit organizations.

Outside of work, Sara Poiry is involved in several clubs on campus including Brave Space, PEACE Club and Writers Club.

Digital animation

Sara Poiry '23, has the end goal of working at Disney and recognizes that the more experience they get, the better chance they have at succeeding.

Caleb Mikesell originally avoided looking at Bluffton University for his higher education.

Runs in the family

Caleb Mikesell's family is full of teachers. Many are also Bluffton graduates. In fact, Caleb will be a fifth-generation teacher and a fourth generation Bluffton graduate.

As a pre-art therapy major, Adrianna Ruiz Suarez combines two of her passions—art and psychology.

Kan Du internship

I realized my passion was helping people. I think that art is a medium that is not used enough for helping people be able to express themselves and open up."

Madisyn Sheppard is CPR trained and has several other health and safety certifications.

Trained for CPR

"I've been certified for the past two years. I just reacted really quickly, without a thought if this was my place or not; I just did it."

While Darius Boeke plans to become a mathematics teacher, experiences at Bluffton have opened him to the possibility of management roles.

Communication skills

"Not everyone understands math. As a future educator, I need to be able to explain things in different ways for different people. Some students need more from you than others."

Michael Stammen ’24

Using numbers

During summer 2022, Michael Stammen worked 40 hours a week for a paid business internship at SumiRiko Ohio; a position he has continued part-time this fall.

“I hadn’t really thought about working with juveniles when I decided to pursue criminal justice, but the reading and mentoring program broadened my horizons.”

Criminal justice

“I hadn’t really thought about working with juveniles when I decided to pursue criminal justice, but the reading and mentoring program broadened my horizons.”

“With no technology, no controversial topics really came up because it wasn’t on our minds. Instead, we talked about our lives,” said Irwin.

Alaskan wilderness

Laura Irwin ’23, a music education major, spent 30 days in the Alaskan wilderness with no technology or electricity. Instead, she relied on skills learned and connections formed.

Shelby Stammen explored a wide variety of dental practices and specialties in preparation to apply to dental school.

Job shadowing

A $1,500 Summer Discovery Grant allowed biology major Shelby Stammen to shadow dentists in the Lima area. Shadowing experience is a requirement to apply to dental schools.

Maakik Tucker worked with Fostoria High School student-athletes on academic eligibility and class scheduling.

Hometown intern

Maalik Tucker '23, a management major, let his roots run deep when he returned to his hometown for an internship with the Fostoria High School athletic department this summer.

An entry level position allows Ethan Ly to work alongside ER doctors.

A medical scribe

You get to see a lot of things. You help to organize and create patient charts, so it speeds up the doctors' work. It ends up benefiting both of us."

Cleveland Clinic cardiovascular intensive care clinical technician

Drawn to heart care

Lilly Cameron '23, a nursing major, is gaining valuable experience as a clinical technician at Cleveland Clinic's main campus in a cardiovascular intensive care unit.

Madeline Kidd ’24 gained public health experience during her summer internship.

Functional nutrition

"I learned [during my internship] that as a dietitian you have to be really involved in the community. There is a lot of outreach and engagement."

Courtney Weekley ’23

PR and marketing skills

“Planning is good, but never plan for it to happen as planned. You have to be on your toes because plans will change.” - Ohio State Fair intern

“I wanted to go to law school before doing my internships, but after spending this summer at the courthouse, I know that’s what I want to do with my life.”

Path confirmed

Nash Morgan '22, a criminal justice and psychology major, spent the summer preparing for a career in law. Morgan completed internships with a common pleas court and a village police department.

Grant Klinger ’25

Klinger gains experience

This summer, Grant Klinger '25, a medical laboratory science major from Bluffton, Ohio, confirmed his career goals and gained hands-on experience in his field.

Alexa Chung '25

Chung Aims to Teach

Alexa Chung '25, a Delphos, Ohio, native, is heading toward her own future in the classroom as a middle childhood education major at Bluffton University.

Genoa Arling ’23

Professional experience

Genoa Arling '23, a social work and psychology student at Bluffton University, says it's a cliché answer, but she chose her majors because "I just want to help people."

Noah Heiing '24

Heiing Finds a Fit

Bluffton University's Noah Heiing '24, a communication and media major from Delphos, Ohio, wants high school students to understand it's okay if they don't have life figured out at 18.

Payton Stephens '23

A New, Better Path

Payton Stephens '23, a writing and communication and media double major from Lebanon, Ohio, came to Bluffton with the goal of seeing her name in print.

Karl Foster '24

Foster MSO President

Karl Foster '24, a sport and recreation leadership major from Detroit, Mich., chose Bluffton University because "from my first visit, it felt like home."

Peyton Henry '23

Henry Internship

Peyton Henry '23, a marketing and business administration double major from Leipsic, Ohio, is learning through experience as a human resources intern at Wannemacher Total Logistics.

Californian Joshua Lisan never expected to live in Ohio, but the decision is leading him to the career of his dreams. He spent the 2021-22 academic year completing a dietetic internship.

Lisan Gains Experience

Californian Joshua Lisan never expected to live in Ohio, but the decision is leading him to the career of his dreams. He spent the 2021-22 academic year completing a dietetic internship with Bluffton University.

Ermias Assefa ’22, a mathematics major and computer science minor from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will complete research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory managed by the University of California, this summer.

Research at Berkeley

Ermias Assefa '22, a mathematics major and computer science minor from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will complete research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory this summer.

Experiences in Archives

Experiences in Archives

Since her first year at Bluffton University, Hannah Stevanus '23 has been working in the library archives as an opportunity to develop experience for her major in history.

Ben Heck

Headed to medical school

Ben Heck, a 2022 pre-med, chemistry and physics graduate, is the latest recipient of the Dr. John Kraft Award at Bluffton University

Hunter McCafferty '23

Hunter McCafferty

Bluffton University student Hunter McCafferty '23, a primary P-5 education major and coaching minor from Bremen, Ohio, juggled his studies while also being involved on campus.

Flor Avilez Escoto '22 was honored by the Ohio Council of Criminal Justice Education.

Statewide honor

I feel honored for all of the opportunities Bluffton has given me. I feel if I wouldn't have come here, I wouldn't have experienced all these great things"

Anneliese Horner is gaining hands-on teaching experience providing English lessons to four employees at GROB, a global manufacturing company with a location in Bluffton.

Using TESOL skills

Anneliese Horner, TESOL major, will establish an English club and work as an assistant English teacher in Palestine for 11 months following graduation.

Spencer Garrison connected with his Guatemalan host family through music.

Semester abroad

It was challenging at times... But I decided the more comfortable I become at being uncomfortable, the more I'll get to experience in life."

“Being able to help execute the skills I learned in class and take them into my internship, made me stand out to, and I was granted more opportunity,” said Madison Baker.

Dayton Dragons Intern

Madison Baker '22, a marketing and sport management double major, developed new skills as a paid, sport management summer intern for the semi-professional Dayton Dragons baseball.

Cierra Long found a trove of information surrounding Bluffton's response to WWII in Musselman Library's archives.

Finding untold stories

Even though we weren't as successful as some other colleges in getting [Japanese American] students here [during WWII], I thought it was amazing that the college never stopped trying."

SERVE built relationships while volunteering with Urban Promise in Camden, N.J., over spring break.

Spring break service

Nine Bluffton students spent mornings during spring break converting an underutilized kitchen in Camden, N.J., into a coffee shop. In the afternoon, they mentored children.

Kelly Armentrout '24

Shares her School Spirit

Kelly Armentrout '24, an exercise science major and double minor in coaching and wellness. She finds herself bringing the school spirit she developed in high school to her university activities.

Zachariah Boch ’24

Plenty of competition

To be honest, Zachariah Boch '24, a business administration and sport management double major from Lancaster, Ohio, wasn't planning to come to Bluffton University.

Multicultural Student Affairs graduate assistant Leslie Beasley '20 is making an impact on campus.

Multicultural grad assistant

I feel like people are being more vocal about issues on campus, and the university is willing to have those hard conversation with the student body. It's very, very good."

Risa Fukaya ’22 follows her passion at Bluffton University

Discovering her passion

A service experience at a Mississippi homeless shelter led former communication major Risa Fukaya ’22, an international student from Zushi, Japan, to a social work major.

Campus pastor Chalsi Campbell

New campus pastor

Chalsi (Eastman) Campbell, graduated from Bluffton in 2012 as a religion major with a focus on youth ministry. Now, she's back to support students as the campus pastor.

Alex Rose earned college credit to write, record and learn from music industry professionals in Nashville.

Voice over artist

After a semester studying at Nashville's Contemporary Music Center, senior music major Alex Rose is recording their first paid voice over role while finishing up classes.

Finding her passion

I have a lot of support here at Bluffton. I am very lucky that I found people who support me, my ideas and what I want for my future."

An internship at BFR prepared Austin Hernandez for life after Bluffton.

Passing it on

When senior Austin Hernandez thinks back to a pivotal time in life, he recalls running track in high school. His goal is to become a coach, to encourage his students as he was encouraged.

What recruiters want

The internship was really helpful to learn what coaches look for in a recruit. It's more than just skills, a recruit must show he or she is hardworking and loves the game."

Luisa Rivera ’22

Confidence through internship

Luisa Rivera '22, a business administration and marketing double major from Yoro, Honduras, with a concentration in international business put her extra studies to good use during a fall 2021 internship.

Kayden Cordell plans to follow in his family's footsteps as an educator.

Worth the audition

Music Performing Scholar scholarship helps Kayden Cardell prepare for a career in the classroom

Dream internship

It's really huge to have internship experience on your resume, and the people I worked with [at Marathon] genuinely wanted to help me learn."

Maggie Ream '23 serves as a student representative of the Ohio Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

NASW representative

The National Association of Social Workers is a membership that when you get involved, it offers resources and helps you stay up to date with social issues around the world,"

Julia Gibson '22, a double major in accounting and business administration.

Julia Gibson

Julia Gibson, a double major in accounting and business administration, immersed herself in a learning experience at Speedway Corporate Headquarters.

Nathaniel DeWeese

Nathaniel DeWeese

Bluffton student finds his passion through internship experience with State Auto Insurance.

Grace Branson'21

Grace Branson

Grace Branson explores criminal law during summer internship experience.

Hope Nixon ’22, a nutrition and dietetics major.

Hope Nixon

Hope Nixon '22, a nutrition and dietetics major from Johnstown, Ohio, spent 10 weeks with Purdue University's Department of Nutrition Science this summer.

Ethiopia native Ermias Assefa collaborated with Dr. Steven Harnish, professor of mathematics, in NSF-funded research of solar cell technology.

NSF-funded research

It was quite fascinating because I come from Africa. Solar power is an efficient way to produce electricity. It would be very good if I was able to bring this research back home."

Caitlyn Renner, a speech-language pathology and audiology major

Caitlyn Renner

Meet Caitlyn Renner, a speech-language pathology and audiology major from Cairo, Ohio.

 Intervention Specialist and P-5 Education major Carina DiMarco

Carina DiMarco

Meet Carina DiMarco, Intervention Specialist and P-5 Education major from Hartville, Ohio, and President's Ambassador.

Graphic design and marketing double major Leslie Diaz

Leslie Diaz

Meet Leslie Diaz, graphic design and marketing double major from Chiclayo, Peru, and President's Ambassador.

Food and nutrition major Jeremy Locklear

Jeremy Locklear

Meet Jeremy Locklear, food and nutrition major from Lincoln Park, Mich., and President's Ambassador.

Marissa Hall

Marissa Hall

Meet Marissa Hall, English major from Avon Lake, Ohio, and President's Ambassador.

Speech-language pathology and audiology major Jordan Jennings

Jordan Jennings

Meet Jordan Jennings, speech-language pathology and audiology major from Portsmouth, Ohio, and President's Ambassador.

Jenía Freewalt

Jenía Freewalt

Meet Jenía Freewalt, art education major from Delphos, Ohio, and President's Ambassador.

Riley Garmatter

Riley Garmatter

Meet Riley Garmatter, Primary P-5 and Intervention Specialist double major from Rawson, Ohio, and President's Ambassador.

Stacey Chirewa

Stacey Chirewa

Meet Stacey Chirewa, accounting and business administration double major from Harare, Zimbabwe, and President's Ambassador.

Evan Burden

Evan Burden

Meet Evan Burden, music education major from Sidney, Ohio, and President's Ambassador.

Amy Marshall

Amy Marshall

Meet Amy Marshall, social work and psychology double major from Pickerington, Ohio, and President's Ambassador.

President's Ambassador MacKenzie Martin

MacKenzie Martin

Meet MacKenzie Martin, speech language pathology and audiology major from Hartville, Ohio, and President's Ambassador.

Sarah Rivera Rios

Sarah Rivera Rios

Meet Sarah Rivera Rios, a Business Administration/Marketing major and President's Ambassador from Comayagua, Honduras.

Cassie Mladek

Cassie Mladek

Meet Cassie Mladek, a elementary education major and President's Ambassador from Coshocton, Ohio.

Danielle King

Danielle King

Meet Danielle King, a pre-physical therapy major and President's Ambassador from Tedrow, Ohio.

Noah Heiing

Noah Heiing

Meet Noah Heiing , a Primary Education/Intervention Specialist major and President's Ambassador from Delphos, Ohio .

Haley Byrnes

Haley Byrnes

Meet Haley Byrnes, a Exercise Science major and President's Ambassador from Worthington, Ohio.

Avery Carter, nutrition and dietetics

Avery Carter

Meet Avery Carter, a nutrition and dietetics major and President's Ambassador from Bryan, Ohio.

Emily Clawson

Emily Clawson

Meet Emily Clawson, a Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology major and President's Ambassador from Troy, Ohio.

Payton Stephens

Payton Stephens

Meet Payton Stephens, a writing major and President's Ambassador from Lebanon, Ohio.

Darius Boeke

Darius Boeke

Meet Darius Boeke, a mathematics major with AYA licensure and President's Ambassador from Sidney, Ohio.

President's Ambassador Grace Leichty Zickafoose

Grace Zickafoose

Meet Grace Liechty Zickafoose, a mathematics major/education minor and President's Ambassador from Lima, Ohio.

Meet Nathan DeWeese, a mathematics/business administration major and President's Ambassador from Columbus, Ohio.

Nathan DeWeese

Meet Nathan DeWeese, a mathematics/business administration major and President's Ambassador from Columbus, Ohio.

Alejandra Valenzuela

Alejandra Valenzuela

Meet Alejandra Valenzuela, a psychology/social work major and President's Ambassador from Honduras.

Bluffton Bread Company spring 2021 student interns: (top row) Haley Gill and Justin Dorsey. (bottom row) Jeremy Locklear, Kylee Tiziani and Liz Deal.

Hands-on experience

Through the Bluffton Bread Company I am learning different food service skills. This opportunity is unique because it allows students lead the direction and development of the company."

Jake Latkofsky will enter the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Mount Saint Joseph College.

The next step

Jake Latkofsky '21, a pre-physical therapy major and infielder, was recently accepted into the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at Mount Saint Joseph University.

2020-21 Beavers: Cassie Mladek, Clay Meyer, Olivia “Lou” Westcott and a Jenny to be revealed next year.

The Big Reveal

After months of secrecy, it can now be shared that Clay Meyer, Cassie Mladek and Olivia "Lou" Westcott served as J. Denny and Jenny Beaver in 2020-21.

Stacey Chirewa was selected for a 10-week, paid internship with big-four accounting firm Ernst & Young.

Impressive internship

The professors here push you to get out there and chase your dreams. I really think I can accomplish my goals if I work hard and stayed focused."

Communication major Gabe Denecker '21

The right fit

Gabe Denecker '21 started at Bluffton undecided about his major. However, after four years and a hands-on internship experience, Denecker found the right fit in communication.

Riley Larcom’s career path was confirmed during an accounting internship at Mennonite Memorial Home.

Experiential learning

"You're in school for four years, but after that you need to get a job. The professors here really prepare you for that. They are willing to help you find internships."

Dezman Brown builds relationships through athletics.

Building relationships

When Dezman Brown '21, a business administration major, isn't on the court for Beavers basketball, he's often there anyway as a head coordinator for intramurals.

Kayla Ferguson completed a field experience at the Juvenile Detention Center in Lima during fall semester, then continued volunteering through winter break.

Pursuing advocacy

Kayla Ferguson '22 came to Bluffton to study psychology, but as her academic advisor got to know her better, it became clear Ferguson was passionate about advocacy.

Adam Shanaman, a Bible and theology major and theatre minor, embraced the challenges of theatre performances via Zoom.

Relaxing on stage

"It's a nice escape from the struggles of everyday life because you can pretend to be somebody else for a few hours each night," said Bible and theology major Adam Shanaman.

Travon Mason is a communication major, football player and Becoming a Scholar mentor.

BAS mentor

A second-year communication student, Travon Mason has not yet determined his career ambitions. In the meantime, he's helping first-year students find their footing in college as a Becoming a Scholar mentor.

Student teaching with the realities of COVID-19 presented unique challenges and preparation for Madison Heckman's future in the classroom.

Prepared to teach

"Teaching English is a big responsibility. I'm not only teaching students proper literacy skills, but at the high-school level, I'm teaching them how to view texts from different perspectives."

Lenny Winiarski is working on a departmental honors project, researching the experiences of German immigrants in Cincinnati during WWI.


Now in his final year at Bluffton, the first baseman, hall director and history/AYA student is completing a departmental honors project on German immigrants in his hometown during WWI.

Caitlyn Renner with Bluffton's mascots, J. Denny and Jenny Beaver

More than a legacy

With a family legacy like Caitlyn Renner's, of course she would be a Beaver. "Bluffton was like a home away from home, and when I got here, it was even better than I expected."

Kori Frey is ready for her social work field placement at Hope House in Findlay, Ohio.

Helping people

When I started out in residence life, I thought of it like working at a social work agency, helping people connect to resources. It was a step toward my future career."

Reid Whitney found his place at Bluffton.

Nursing major confirmed

Reid Whitney '23, a nursing major, was initially drawn to Bluffton to continue his athletics career. However, the more he learned about the nursing program, the clearer his choice of major became.

Brandon James' persistence comes from a desire to “prove people wrong.”

Reigning champion

I’m going to keep doing this sport as long as I can. When I’m done, I still want to be around it. Strength and conditioning is the perfect major to help me continue.”

Alana Holsapple

A 'second family'

From the difficulties of everyday college life, to personal tragedy, to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alana Holsapple '21 found a "second family" to help her through it all at Bluffton.

Being a science major and keeping up with labs means I'm busier doing academics, but I love every second of it. I love football. I love school. I love Bluffton.

Knowlton Scholar

Being a science major and keeping up with labs means I'm busier doing academics, but I love every second of it. I love football. I love school. I love Bluffton."

Sergio Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez

When Sergio Alvarez first stepped foot on campus he was just dropping his cousin off. Days later he too was enrolled at Bluffton. "I felt like I was in the right place."

Evan Burden, junior music education major

Vocation confirmation

Right now, I’m taking Woodwind Methods. Never in my life did I think I would play a woodwind instrument. I’ve also taken String Methods, Voice Methods… It’s a very in-depth experience.”

Campus Relationships

"Coming to a place where you actually get to know everybody is nice", said Gill. "At Bluffton, I knew I would be able to build relationships with my professors."

Darian Greenly

Serving others

“I’m a big believer in giving back to the community. We have goals for MSO to do more community work. We’re a family. I want everybody to see that.”

Bri Baker

Trusted mentors

For Bri Baker '21, a mathematics major from Defiance, Ohio, little nudges from trusted mentors have "really made an impact on my life."

Natilee Grover ’21 is a Bible and theology major with minors in education studies and psychology.

Service to humankind

"Mostly, I would like to have a career that takes me in a direction where I am spreading a reflection of love and empathy to others." - Natilee Grover '21

Abbie Parkins has explored four types of accounting through her internships.

4 years, 4 internships

An accounting and business administration double major, Abbie Parkins is getting as much hands-on experience as possible before she graduates. Entering her senior year, she is completing her fourth internship.

Mikey Fimiani

Criminal Justice and Psychology

Mikey Fimiani '21, a criminal justice and psychology double major from Willoughby, Ohio, was masked up and ready to make a difference. Fimiani spent the summer living and learning at the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture.

Dr. Crystal Sellers Battle

Vocal health

Gospel music has its roots in just about every American musical style, so as I'm thinking about how to prepare gospel singers, this research will also help me better prepare jazz singers and musical theatre singers."

Katie McClure

Pre-physical therapy

Katie McClure's professional goal is to become a physical therapist. It's a field she has a lot of experience in, not yet as a practitioner but instead as a patient.

Perry Bush, Professor of History

Bluffton history professor

Dr. Perry Bush, professor of history, spent the spring semester on sabbatical completing interviews, outlining chapters and preparing to write his next major scholarly work

Meghan Ream '22

Summer research

I was going to go to Cornell this summer. But we figured out how to make the experience virtual. I'm extremely grateful to have this opportunity."

Carter Mumbower playing golf.

Golf Internship

Carter Mumbower is completing a paid junior golf internship with the Northern Ohio PGA this summer.

Dr. Jackie Wyse-Rhodes

Stories in the Book of Numbers

Dr. Jackie Wyse-Rhodes is delving into the Old Testament “gem,” to write a book for the Herald Press’ Believers Church Bible Commentary series.

Leslie Diaz Valdiviezo ’22, graphic design major from Chiclayo, Peru

Forming connections

"I've always felt an environment here that Bluffton was like my family," said Diaz. "I've met international students from many countries and I feel very welcome here."

Nicholas Hoffman '20 to continue as Neufeld Residence Hall Director in 2020-21.

Expect the unexpected

In high school, I kept to myself... I would have never expected that by my senior year, I would be saying 'How's it going?' to almost every person I passed because they were my friends."

Dr. Zachary Walton

The evolution of memes

"I wanted to look at how memes are created, how they change and how they interact. I'm analyzing them through the lens of visual rhetoric, looking for patterns and themes."

Ky Gurley '21

Community and service

My main goal is to help a school that is helping me. I see this as an opportunity for me to leave a mark on this campus for others to follow."

Alexis Cash maintains a focus on service others.

From Bluffton to Yale

Dr. Alex Sider, professor of religion, encouraged Alexis Cash to reach for the Ivy League. This fall she will enter Yale Divinity School to earn her Master of Divinity.

Juniors Tajah Upshaw and Sienna Sullivan in Washington D.C.

Internships in D.C.

I didn't get to leave on my own terms... I just have to look at all the valuable knowledge, relationships, adventures and new experiences I did gain while in D.C."

Brothers and teammates Brantley and Carson Curnutte

Brothers and teammates

Brantley and Carson Curnutte were both drawn to Bluffton by the relationships they built while visiting. However, it was mainly Bluffton's baseball program that shaped their college experience and their relationship as brothers.

Michelle Swartley turned an internship into a job offer.

Internship leads to job offer

If I went to school anywhere else, I would not have had the courage to get an internship at a company like Progressive. I had multiple professors encourage me to apply."

Aubrey Bartel, a double major in pre-physical therapy and exercise science, member of the women’s soccer team and student in Bluffton’s Honors Program, is shaping a future career in pediatric physical therapy.

Senior shapes future

Senior Aubrey Bartel squeezed every experience possible out of her four years at Bluffton. After graduation she plans to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Kansas.

Dr. Amy Mullins, assistant professor of education

Filling a need

Seeing a need and responding to a challenge, Amy Mullins developed an online resource teaching basic phonics skills designed specifically for older students.

Lydia Lugibihl

Enhancing her experience

Getting to spend a semester in a totally different environment while getting school credit and great internship experience was absolutely incredible. It was the best decision I've ever made."

Robert McMullen-Ruppert '20 in Chicago

Student teacher thrives

Up until last week, Robert McMullen-Ruppert '20, an intervention specialist major was student teaching in inner-city Chicago through a partnership with the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture.

Von Thomas '20

Strong relationships

Von Thomas came to Bluffton to play football. While he enjoyed his four seasons on the gridiron, he also values the relationships he formed and the lessons learned along the way.

Michael Short '20

Growth through relationships

"Bluffton presented me with a whole array of views in the church. That's really challenged me and helped solidify my beliefs, helped me question why I believe what I do."

Leslie Beasley '20

Relating to others

Leslie Beasley '20 is putting her last three and a half years of Bluffton education into practice through her current student teaching experience.

Bluffton dietetic program was

Transitioning majors

Now that I’m here, I would much rather be here than anywhere else, any other dietetic program, because at Bluffton you get so much hands-on experience as an undergraduate.”

TJ Mills ’20

Senior hits 1,000

My advisor gets involved in making sure you have all of the tools you need for your future and your success in the psychology field.”

Dan Metzger ’05, Amy Marshall ’22 and Spencer Garrison ’22

Connecting through faith

At Bluffton University, the worship band has allowed two current students to form meaningful relationships with alumni, as well as strengthen their relationship with God.

“Education wise, Bluffton is a very good university,” Assefa said. “The other international students are great. We have so much in common, so it’s been fun to get to know them.”

Making connections

Encouraged by a high school teacher to pursue higher education in the U.S., Ermias Assefa '23, an international student from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is fulfilling his goal at Bluffton.

Wilmar Caal Botzoc '21

Focusing on service

Junior Wilmar Caal Botzoc first stepped foot in the United States in 2011. A year later, he returned home to Guatemala only to be called back to the U.S.

Julian LaVallee spent the semester in Nashville, Tenn., gaining hands-on experience in audio, lighting and management in the music business.

Semester in Music City

Julian LaVallee, a junior music major with a concentration in business, spent fall 2019 in Nashville, Tenn., gaining clarity on his future career path and developing his faith.