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Edward Hardaway

Edward Hardaway

Edward Hardaway, a recent Bluffton University graduate, is staying on campus to serve as the graduate assistant in Bluffton’s Office of Student Success while earning his master’s degree. 

Multicultural Student Development

Multicultural Student Development Center

The Multicultural Student Development Center was established in the early 1970s to promote academic and personal growth and development of minority and international students enrolled at Bluffton University. 

To promote the involvement and  Development of all students

Multicultural Student Development...

  • promotes understanding and sensitivity to the values of a diverse college community
  • seeks to address the unique needs of under-represented groups within the student body
  • educates the college community about the changing profile of our student body
  • promotes leadership development of students of color through education, experience and involvement


We seek to provide the Bluffton University student community with:

  • Counseling: academic and personal
  • Meeting place and study space for students
  • Provide informational referrals for students
  • Act as a liaison for students
  • Celebrates diversity through programming
  • Multicultural Student Organization
  • Resource Center
  • The Cuts @ Bluffton

Visit us

Monday — Friday; 9 a.m. — 10 p.m.

The Multicultural Student Development Center is located in the Hirschy Breezeway.

The center has couches and computers. The space can be used for meetings, socials, movie nights or a study space. Drop by the center to clear your activity(ies) with the director.

Conducted by Multicultural Student Organization in collaboration with various student organizations.


Leslie Beasley

Leslie Beasley

Leslie Beasley, a recent Bluffton University graduate, has returned to campus to serve as a graduate assistant in Multicultural Affairs.