Teaching in ministry


Caitlin Bennett

Caitlin Bennett shares the love of Christ as a volunteer with Young Life in Shawnee School District.

Bringing people to the feet of Jesus

Caitlin Bennett ’24 started at Bluffton University as an intervention specialist major but ultimately found her vocation in ministry rather than education. 

“It’s cool because Jesus was a teacher, too,” explained Bennett. “In those classes, I got to see the breakdown of how teaching happens, and now I get to apply those skills when I give sermons and do talks.” 

Now a Bible and theology major, Bennett is gaining experience in ministry as a floating teacher at Learning Tree Child Care Center where she works with kids ranging in age from toddlers through sixth grade.

“My main job there is to love the kids the way Jesus does which has been really fun,” said Bennett, who found the position through her church.

Bennett is also a volunteer with Young Life, an organization she has been connected to since high school. She currently works with students in the Shawnee School District, but Bennett is hopeful the organization will expand to other schools in Allen County. 

“We come alongside teens however we meet them and show them what Jesus has to offer,” said Bennett.

Those two organizations currently take up most of Bennett’s free time, but she previously served as a resident assistant for two years on campus and was active in PEACE Club and Beaver Monologues. 

Originally from Ashland, Ohio, Bennett found her way to campus through her high school cross country coach who was also a Bluffton graduate. She toured campus with her coach and Young Life leader and prayed about the decision. 

By the middle of her senior year, “I felt called here, and it’s been great.” 

Despite changing her major, Bennett will graduate on time. She appreciates the education department’s support when she changed majors and has enjoyed classes such as Methods of Biblical Interpretation taught by Dr. Alex Sider, interim vice president of academic affairs and professor of religion. 

“Alex is someone who always challenges me and pushes me to go deeper and do better in my studies,” said Bennett. “And Chalsi [Campbell, campus pastor] has always been super encouraging.” 

Following graduation, she would love to work with Young Life and eventually attend seminary, but no matter where she ends up, Bennet has one goal.

“I just want to bring people to the feet of Jesus.”