Master of Social Work

Help people function to the best
of their abilities in their environment

Helping others

Bluffton’s online Master of Social Work program is designed to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills to meet the mental health needs of our communities. 

This MSW, conducted in partnership with Goshen College, offers a holistic approach to the field of social work. With an emphasis on spiritual and religious integration, the program prepares social work professionals to assist clients of diverse backgrounds.

With individualized attention, complete your master’s degree in as few as 12 months, if you hold a bachelor’s of social work from an accredited program. 

We offer an MSW for those with and those without a BSW degree. Coursework is offered online and prepares you to sit for licensure in any state.

100% online

100% online classroom

Recorded micro lectures, weekly Zoom classes, in-person field work

Finish faster

Finish faster

Students with a BSW can graduate in 1-2 years

Changing lanes

Change lanes

Have a degree in something other than social work? Earn an MSW in 2-4 years.

Choose your speed


Applications accepted year around. Classes begin in August. Sudents with a BSW may start in January.

What makes this MSW different?

  • Faith based: Offered by two private, liberal arts, faith-based colleges
  • Integration of spirituality: Religion is a meaningful aspect of diversity
  • Anti-racism/anti-oppression: Learn to positively assist clients of diverse backgrounds

Apply today!

Applications are accepted year around. Priority review is given to applications submitted by May 1.

Program overview

The MSW program is 57 credit hours, which can be completed in two to four years (57 credit hours).

Students with a BSW degree from a CSWE-accredited program enter our MSW program at an advanced standing level and complete the degree in one to two years (30 credit hours).  (Students who earned the BSW degree more than 10 years ago will be considered for advanced standing based on social work experience.)

Courses are offered through weekly Zoom classes and recorded micro lectures. 

# of credit hours:

Student’s undergraduate degree Credit hours  Admittance level Types of courses to take
Undergraduate degree other than BSW from any accredited institution 57 Foundation Generalist + Specialized courses
BSW from a CSWE-accredited program within the last 10 years 30 Advanced standing Specialized courses only

Field education:
Field education is an important part of MSW education. The MSW field director works with students to identify suitable field placements. Students complete 900 clock hours in two field placements. Students entering the program at the advanced standing level complete 500 clock hours in one field placement. 


For more information about the MSW program, contact:

Jeanette Harder, PhD, MSW
MSW Program Director, Professor of Social Work, 574-535-7980

Admissions questions, contact

Claire Clay
Director of public relations and enrollment operations
Call or text 419-860-3749