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Cael Rose

An offensive lineman for the Beavers, Cael Rose is preparing for a career in education by tutoring and teaching in the Basic Math class.

Cael Rose ’26, a math major with an AYA teaching licensure from St. Paris, Ohio, is doing his part to foster a sense of community with fellow students through his work in the Learning Resource Center. Helping others achieve success and understanding in their coursework, Rose is using something he enjoys to assist others around him.

“I’ve always been good at math. I really enjoyed classes with my calculus teacher in high school, and math is just something that comes easy to me,” said Rose. 

The Learning Resource Center [LRC] provides academic and personal support in the form of study groups, tutoring, workshops and individual consultations. Rose tutors in calculus and pre-calculus in the LRC. He sees his work as a chance to gain more hands-on learning in the field during his time at Bluffton. 

“I also help in Basic Math class once a week,” said Rose. “It’s another tutoring opportunity, something else I can do to help get more experience teaching math.”

Rose is interested in using his degree to teach math in high school. In his sophomore year, Rose has been able to do several field placements in area schools These experiences have allowed him to take part in “observations and learning what teachers in the area are doing to educate their students.” 

While Rose has been instrumental in building his own sense of community on campus, he’s also experienced the unique collaboration that takes place between professors and students.

After experiencing a knee injury, Rose was expected to be out for three weeks. Rose, not wanting to fall behind in his classes, reached out for help and was met with more than he expected. 

“I reached out to Steve [Harnish] and asked if we could meet. He tried to get through as much as we could, and he took zooms of all the lessons which was nice of him,” Rose stated.

In addition to tutoring and working hard in his own classes, Rose can also be found training diligently on the football field. An offensive lineman on the Bluffton University football team, the love for the sport runs in his family. 

“My dad played college football, and my grandpa played for the [then] Washington Redskins back in the 60s,” said Rose. “I love playing football. It keeps me busy and pushes me to stay active.”

The football team is another strong community for Rose, with coaches that “want us to succeed in the classroom,” and encourage students to work hard on the field and in the classroom. With many opportunities to grow his skills, Rose hopes to utilize his passion for athletics alongside his teaching career and coach high school sports. 

“I’d like to coach wrestling, as I wrestled in high school,” said Rose. “Or, possibly, figure out where I’ll student teach at and coach a sport while I’m there.”

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