Transfer students

Each year Bluffton welcomes new transfer students from around the country for our fall and spring semesters.  Some students arrive having only completed a semester or two elsewhere, while others arrive with a completed associate's degree.

Brista Drake

At just 22 years old, Brista Drake is working on her second book while musing about life and writing on her YouTube channel. Under the name WritingMime, she has more than 3,700 followers. 

A transfer student and art and writing major from Richwood, Ohio, she self-published her first work in 2015 after three years of dedicated work. Drake, who is also involved in theatre productions on campus, was greeted at Bluffton by an atmosphere that felt more like home. “At Bluffton, the teachers are great; they know you personally. You get to know a lot of people.”  >>> Brista's story

Steps to apply

Applying for admission to Bluffton as a transfer student is easy. A dedicated admissions transfer coordinator will work individually with you throughout the application process.

To be considered for admission, transfer students must have maintained at least a C average or better in all college-level work. In addition, students must be in good academic standing, eligible to return and met all previous financial obligations at any previous institutions. 

To complete the admissions process we ask for the following:

For more details on transferring in credits from any other college or university, contact Bluffton Univeristy admissions department at 800-488-3257 or by e-mail at .