Cross-cultural programs

Cross-cultural Program

Applications accepted beginning Wednesday, Oct. 13.

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Cross-cultural experiences are invitations to explore and grow. They offer a journey of personal discovery into the richness and challenges of other cultures and communities. Immersed in new environments, you will experience diverse lifestyles, make new friendships and learn respect for other heritages all while meeting personal challenges that build character. And, get hands-on opportunities to focus on the issues of peace and reconciliation and begin toward a path of lifelong mission and service.  

The cross-cultural experience is a pivotal element of the Bluffton University general education curriculum, which strives to place each student in an ever-expanding context from individual identity to global citizen. Through personal interactions in diverse settings within and outside of the United States, students are challenged to examine what it means to be a responsible citizen in the global community and to develop an ethic of justice, service and peacemaking. 

Note: While we are planning toward cross-cultural experiences in May 2021, we will need to continue to monitor evolving conditions in the United States and other countries in the spring. There may be requirements for vaccinations that could emerge over the next months. We will stay in communication with students.

Meet Bluffton's cross-cultural requirement by choosing one of the following options:

Cross-cultural Program

The university offers a variety of experiences from which students may choose, according to their interest in a particular location or theme or their long-range career plans. Domestic and international experiences are available during the month of May. (3 semester hours)

Options for spring 2022

Cross-cultural Program

Semester long programs are offered in Chicago, Guatemala, and Washington, D.C. Semester long programs include classes which fulfill some of your general education requirements. 

Chicago - (14 semester hours)
Chicago provides opportunities for urban student teaching, social work or internship programs.

Greece - (15 credit hours)
A new semester-long cross-cultural experience in Athens, Greece, has been established with the American College of Greece (ACG).

Guatemala -  (17 semester hours)
Live with Guatemalan families in Guatemala City, take classes through the Central American Study and Service program and complete a field placement.

Washington Community Scholars' Center (WCSC) (15 semester hours)
Discover Washington, life, cultural diversity, career-building opportunities, university classes and the connections between faith and work at the Washington Community Scholars' Center.

Bluffton students have completed their cross-cultural requirement with experiences in Italy, London and other locations.

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(6 semester hours)
Students may choose to study one foreign language for six semester hours as a way to fulfill the cross-cultural requirement. Currently Bluffton offers Spanish.

Spanish courses >

Financial assistance is available. Contact Elaine Suderman or Paul Neufeld Weaver.

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San Antonio 2021 cross cultural

Eyes opened

Students returning from 2021 short-term experiences shared about challenges, beauty and culture.