History department

2012 History Grads

Historians need a variety of skills to effectively interpret the past to the present. They must be critical thinkers, excellent writers and adept oral communicators. They need to analyze and evaluate historical data, and come up with interpretations of their own which are consistent with the evidence they have uncovered.

Bluffton history professors approach the study of history in conversation with the university's Mennonite peace church heritage.


* This major can be completed in 3 years.




History: one of Five 'Impractical' College Majors That Might Make You Rich

Fall 2013

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Pre-law minor

Bluffton's pre-law minor emphasizes the historical, political, social and economic foundations of society, while providing you with the skills you need in research, writing, communication, critical thinking and conflict transformation.

Fulbright Scholar

Perry Bush

The prestigious Fulbright Scholar award, whose recipients have included 43 Nobel Prize winners, took history professor Dr. Perry Bush to the southeastern Ukraine. He taught American studies at Zaparozhye National University during spring semester 2012.