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Do you envision yourself as an entrepreneur owning a business, in a corner office or managing a non-profit organization? At Bluffton, we can provide the steps to make your vision a reality.

Bluffton offers many opportunities for hands-on learning, including internships and student organizations.

4+1 Program

Earn your bachelor’s degree and MBA in 5 years

Take advantage of the accelerated MBA program and complete your master of business administration in one year.

  • Online evening classes two nights a week
  • Live on- or off-campus
  • Participate in athletics and student life

Nathan DeWeese was an undecided major when he started at Bluffton University. Today DeWeese is a business administration and mathematics double major with a focus on insurance and finance.

A business major will help you develop skills across a wide variety of subjects — economics, accounting, management, marketing and finance. Concentrations within the business administration major range from human resources management to supply chain management.

A degree in business studies at Bluffton will prepare you for more than just a job. You’ll be ready for your career and life.

Bluffton has a strong internship program and strong placement after graduation. Our accounting students and graduates have worked for public accounting firms, non-profit organizations,  and local and state government agencies.

Earning your CPA
Ohio requires candidates sitting for the CPA exam to have earned 150 semester hours of academic credit. 

Course requirements

Guidelines to complete a major in accounting
Dedicated and ambitious students can complete an accounting major in three years.

Bluffton’s business administration major will help you develop core skills with concentrations based on your interests and career plans.

WE EXPECT that our graduates will serve as leaders and valued team members in their organizations. We create opportunities for you to develop leadership skills and learn to influence teams in helpful ways.


  • Comprehensive business
  • Human resources management
  • International business
  • Insurance and financial services
  • Management
  • Management of information systems
  • Marketing
  • Nonprofit management
  • Project management
  • Supply chain management

Course requirements

Guidelines to complete a business management major
Dedicated and ambitious students can complete the business management major in three years.

Bluffton’s economics program helps students develop an understanding of the economic systems that influence societies. Centered on historical, institutional, and philosophical economic models. Our courses focus on analytics and data synthesis. 

Economics graduates from Bluffton are employed as analysts, administrators, researchers, teachers, computer analysts and law professionals.

Major course requirements  
Minor course requirements

Guidelines to complete an economic major

Bluffton’s IT major will allow a student to sit for the CompTIA A+ Certification exam and the CompTIA Network+ Certification exam. Information about those certifications can be found at the CompTIA website.

The IT major is frequently paired with a minor in graphic design or business administration to enhance the student's career opportunities. You might also be interested in a computer science minor.

IT course requirements

Guidelines to complete an IT major

While at Bluffton, students conduct research, study consumer behavior, create marketing plans, and pitch their ideas to professionals.

Through both on-campus and off-campus experiences, many marketing students choose to supplement their coursework through volunteerism, internships, and practicums. Students participate in mock trade shows to sharpen their presentation skills.

Marketing students can add relevant minors in graphic design or communications and still graduate in four years. A marketing concentration is available through the business administration major.

Course requirements

Guidelines to complete a marketing major
Dedicated and ambitious students can complete the marketing major in three years.

Minors provide an abbreviated business background for students from other departments.

Course requirements >

  • Accounting
  • Business administration
  • Economics
  • Marketing


Katrina Stone

Building an app

“A lot of people don’t use PCs anymore, and many don’t have WIFI in their home, so having an app allows more people to use the resources.” - Katrina Stone

Jackson Clark

Grab every opportunity

“It’s a whole different world than the classroom. The hands-on experience teaches you so much. You’re working on projects that need done to help out the company.” - Jackson Clark

Trey Clemons

Intro to logistics

“You see semis out on the road, and you don’t really think about where they came from or where they are going. Now, I wonder what they’re moving. It changes your perspective.”  - Trey Clemons 



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