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“I want to have a rewarding career and to impact future generations.”

Dr. Martina Cucchiara

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“The Catholic school for girls I attended in Germany shaped me in decisive ways. In some ways, I never quite left the school because today my primary research focuses on Catholic sisters in Nazi Germany.”



Historians need a variety of skills to effectively interpret the past to the present. They must be critical thinkers, excellent writers and adept oral communicators. They need to analyze and evaluate historical data, and come up with interpretations of their own which are consistent with the evidence they have uncovered. 

At Bluffton, you will develop each of these skills and more with the help of Fulbright scholars, published authors and historians teaching your classes and preparing you for your next steps. In addition, our history professors approach the study of history in conversation with the university’s Mennonite peace church heritage. 





History major/minor


One of the virtues of the history major at Bluffton is its flexibility. Requiring a total of 40 semester hours, the major itself remains small enough to combine with another major or a combination of minors to speak to your individual career interests.

Lenny Winiarski-History Major

“I enjoy history and research so much,” said Lenny Winiarski. “Find something you enjoy and you’ll do well in college.” 

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Cierra Long-History Major

Cierra Long ’23 a history major from Urbana, Ohio, has always been fascinated by history. 

“While the other kids played outside, I stayed in the house and listened to stories from my grandparents about their childhood,” explained Long. ” 

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history major
history minor

Complete a major in history in four years with with the following guidelines

History classes at Bluffton are frequently revised to reflect new sources and interpretations. As a history major, you will be encouraged to intern with a local or state historical agency or museum. Advanced students may assist professors with research projects and will be encouraged to complete departmental honors research projects

While the history major remains excellent training for law school, students aiming for a career in law-related fields can major in any number of areas. Students interested in a career in law are strongly recommended to complete the pre-law minor.

With a history major, your career options are numerous. You will be prepared to enter careers in business, secondary education or voluntary service, or graduate programs in history, law and library science.  >>>occupational outlook

This major can be completed in three years if you are a dedicated and ambitious student.

Teaching licensure

To teach social studies or history in secondary school students need to complete a history major along with professional education courses to obtain an  adolescent/young adult license in integrated social studies.

Students interested in teaching social studies in middle school, grades 4-9, must complete a middle childhood education major with social studies as one of the two areas of concentration. The middle childhood license requires concentrations in two areas; social studies, mathematics, natural sciences or language arts.

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Integrated social studies (grades 7-12)
Middle childhood education (grades 4-9)

Complete your studies in four years with with the following guidelines
Integrated social studies
Middle childhood education even years
Middle childhood education odd years



Pre-law minor


At Bluffton, we believe that the best preparation for a legal career is a broad background in the liberal arts.

Explore courses required in the
Pre-law minor

When law schools assess candidates for admission, they are most interested in an applicant's grades, letters of recommendation and scores on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). Most commonly, Bluffton students heading for law school have majored in communications, criminal justice, economics or history. Sometimes they have combined these majors into a double-major, or with a minor in peace and conflict resolution.

Bluffton's pre-law minor emphasizes the historical, political, social and economic foundations of society, while providing you with the skills you need in research, writing, communication, critical thinking and conflict transformation.


International studies minor 

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International studies minor

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“Every class with the Bluffton history professors is something brand new. Their knowledge of history, whether it’s American, world or religious, is just out of this world.”

Dr. Martina Cucchiara

More about Martina

“The Catholic school for girls I attended in Germany shaped me in decisive ways. In some ways, I never quite left the school because today my primary research focuses on Catholic sisters in Nazi Germany.”