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“We get them in the schools early and provide them with support and mentorship. We prepare students to become highly effective teachers and they get jobs.”

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Remember the teacher who made you believe in yourself? Who opened your eyes to the possibilities? Who gave advice when you struggled?

Be that person for someone else with a Bluffton education degree.


Education licensure majors

Reviewed and approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education and included in the CAEP Accreditation Review

Prepare to teach with these majors:

Education programs

Minors, endorsements and a non-licensure major:

  • Education studies minor This minor fulfills initial Alternative Pathway to Licensure course requirements for students interested in teaching a high school subject other than history, English, mathematics, visual arts, music or as an intervention specialist.
  • Special education minor For students  interested in working with people with disabilities whether in their major field or as a service. 
  • TESOL endorsement Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Pre-K special needs endorsement Add this endorsement to an intervention specialist or Primary P-5 licensure.
  • Child development majorGain knowledge about working with young children outside the traditional classroom setting.

Education Degree-Teacher preparation classroom

The Primary P-5 license prepares you to teach both typically developing children as well as children with mild-moderate disabilities, with a particular focus on teaching reading to children in pre-kindergarten through grade 5.

More about Bluffton’s Primary P-5 program >


A license for teaching in the middle grades (4-9) can be achieved by completing a middle childhood education major. 

education degree-Robert McMullen

The connection with the professors in the education department and the “comforting” feeling he got on his visit to campus drew him to Bluffton as a first-year student.

“It’s one of the best education departments in Ohio, and coming into the program, I knew they were going to help me achieve what I wanted to achieve,” McMullen-Ruppert said.
Rob's story >

Middle childhood education majors must select at least two areas of concentration:
You may earn a middle childhood generalist endorsement by completing additional coursework
  >>> middle childhood education occupational outlook


Ages 12-21, Grades 7-12

At Bluffton, you may choose a licensure program in one of three academic areas - language arts, mathematics and social studies - to teach in grades 7-12. 

Education Degree-Riley Garmatter

I chose my major because I wanted to help people. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives. To get the very most out of my time at Bluffton, I am double majoring in Primary P-5 and Intervention Specialist with endorsements in TESOL and Pre-K Special Needs.
Riley’s story >

An AYA teaching license requires completing a major in a content area, licensure requirements for that area and professional education courses. The areas in which an adolescent/young adult license may be earned at Bluffton include:


Ages 3-21, Grades Pre-k - 12

Students may choose a teaching licensure program across a broader age range in either music or visual arts.

Multi-age licensure programs are offered in:
   Music education major   
   Visual arts major with multi-age licensure 

Kaden Cordell

If everything goes according to plan following graduation, Kayden Cordell will be the first music teacher in his family. His goal is to direct a show choir.

“Ever since I was young, I’ve participated in music groups so I thought, let’s see if I can help my future students find their gifts through music.”

Kayden’s story

Explore courses for
   Music education major
   Visual arts with multi-age licensure

Four-year plans
Follow a guideline for course selection to complete your degree in four years:

Intervention specialist

Intervention Specialist

What is an intervention specialist >

Mild to moderate needs 
Ages 5-21, Grades K-12
(Initial and advanced programs)

A special education minor is offered for students who are interested in working with people with disabilities whether in their major field or as a service. 

education degree-Leslie Beasley

While nothing can “truly prepare” you for the transition into an actual classroom, there are lessons that stick out.

“There are numerous times when I hear Mr. Byers’s voice in the back of my head about how to approach certain situations. His teaching has helped me with real-life application.”
Leslie’s story >

Complete a bachelors for intervention specialist and a Masters of Arts in Education with reading endorsement in just four years through Bluffton’s 3+1 program.

Explore courses for a:
   Major in intervention specialist 
   Minor in special education

Three and four year plans
Follow these guidelines to complete your degree in either three or four years.


The child development major provides opportunities to study young children in a variety of settings. Coursework includes developmental curriculum, preschool classrooms and nutrition and opportunities to gain experience in various infant/toddler/early childhood environments.

Students also gain knowledge about working with young children outside the traditional classroom setting, such as day care, Head Start and other child development centers.

education degree-Amryn Dover '21

Amryn Dover ’21 knew from an early age she wanted to work with kids. Dover’s ultimate dream is to open a facility that brings together neurotypical children with children on the Autism spectrum.

“Being the oldest child, I watched my siblings grow. It really influenced me to pursue this major. I always loved helping them learn new things.”
Amryn’s story >

Explore the courses required for a
   Major in child development

Four year plan
Complete the child development major in four years by following these guidelines.


The education studies minor fulfills initial course requirements for the Alternative Pathway to Licensure.

This process provides a way for Bluffton students interested in teaching a high school subject other than history, English, mathematics, visual arts, music or as an intervention specialist, to do so.

Students who plan to work in settings where there are educational opportunities (e.g. training, tutoring, program development, religious education, etc.) may also benefit from an education studies minor.

Education Degree-Ethan Zaerr

Ethan Zaerr took part in Ohio’s alternative licensure program that allowed him to major in his field and become endorsed to pursue a teaching career.

“I’ve been really supported at Bluffton, considering that there’s not really a chemistry and physics education licensure here.”
Ethan's story >

With completion of the education minor and additional requirements, a person may teach for four years while working toward professional teaching licensure. 

Requirements for the Alternative Pathway to Licensure >

Course requirements >


Markers of excellence

Bluffton graduates are among the best qualified in the nation, as reflected in student rankings on the Ohio Educator Preparation Performance Report and in the reputation our graduates enjoy once they enter the teaching profession.

Bluffton received a 10-year national accreditation in 2018. This recognition of excellence is awarded for meeting rigorous standards.

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