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Communication and theatre

Learn to communicate with truth,  authenticity and authority

34 gigabytes. That’s how much information the average American consumes each day – enough to overload a laptop in a week. And that may be on the light side. The study reporting that Americans consume 100,000 words of information daily is a few years old

How best to communicate so others hear, listen and respond? Bluffton communication students learn to craft messages and learn how, why and when certain communication techniques are effective.

Communication and Media major

Core courses provide a foundation in contemporary media studies and in the traditional liberal arts elements of communication. Optional concentrations provide training in specific media production and professional communication.

Concentrations include:

  • Public relations
  • Journalism
  • Sports media
  • Leadership communication

Through rigorous classes, departmental activities and other hands-on learning opportunities, you will be prepared for a wide variety of careers in public affairs, media relations, church promotion, higher education, communication research, political communication, public speaking, organizational leadership and more.

Competitive paid positions, internships and extracurricular activities such as the The Witmarsum student-driven media, FM radio station, theatre performance and an oratorical contest provide opportunities for you to put classroom learning into practice.


Add a minor to meet your professional goals, to broaden your knowledge or to set your resume apart. For instance, a marketing or graphic design major might be interested in a public relations minor; a social work or psychology major might be interested in a communications minor.


Coursework from the religion and communication programs are combined for a minor relevant for students interested in serving in church-related organizations. It is an excellent addition to a Biblical and theological studies or worship arts major. 
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Develop your skills in interpersonal and organizational communication, media studies, journalism and persuasion.
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Develop skills in writing, visual communication, digital and interactive technologies essential for careers in digital, print and convergent journalism.
>>> course requirements

Learn the history, theory, and ethical and social impacts of television, film, social media and other digital and interactive media.
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Courses in journalism, graphic design, marketing, analytics and crisis communication offer a preparation for a career as a communication liaison and strategist in nonprofit and corporate settings.
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Theatre study at Bluffton provides training and experience in many performance areas such as acting, directing, set construction, makeup design and execution, costuming, lighting and sound design and stage management. Participation in Bluffton theatre productions gives you a chance to experience all facets of theatrical production. 
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