Pre-law minor

The following courses are suggested as a core program for students interested in attending law school after graduation. 

  (18 hours)
CRJ 345 Restorative Justice: Theory & Practice (3)
  or CRJ 340 Conflict Transformation and Mediation (3)
COM 212 Argumentation and Advocacy (3)
CRJ 180 Law, Justice & Society (3)
CRJ 303 Constitutional Law (3)
CRJ 310 Criminal Law & Procedure (3)
ENG 205 Creative Writing: Nonfiction (3)
  or ENG 207 Professional & Technical Writing (3)


Economics: ECN 141 Macroeconomics (3) 

Elective in Political Science or History: take one of the following: (3)
     Political Science: PLS 270 Political Theory;
        or PLS 385 Political Science Internship
        or History:   HIS 300 History: Theory and Application
        (or any upper level history course excluding HIS 400)

Ethics: REL 274 Christian Ethics (3) 

Students following this suggested pre-law minor are also required to complete a major program of studies. For pre-law advising, see Perry Bush, professor of history.