Opportunities and resources

As a history major, you will have the opportunity to tour historical sites and be encouraged to engage in a hands-on internship with a local or state historical agency or museum. Advanced students may assist professors with research projects and may engage in departmental honors research project.

History Club: All history students are welcome to participate in People’s Movement for the Advancement of History (PMAH).

John D. Unruh,Jr., Award: Two $200 awards are presented annually for exceptional research papers written for a regular class assignments.


SAMANTHA GREEN was a summer intern at the Hancock Historical Museum. She compiled research on Findlay's automobile industry and putting together a Power Point presentation on this facet of Findlay history, worked one day with 5th graders in a Hands-on-History manner, cooking cornbread and talking about pioneer living in our log cabin. She was in period dress and everything. She also helped put together an annotated bibliography comprising all of our books held at the museum.

NADIN-SARAH SALKIC interned at Crime Victim Services. She delved into drafting pending victim's rights legislation before the Ohio General Assembly, observed court hearings, debated concepts, became familiar with the proposed Victim's Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, drafted letters to summarize legislation and encourage legislator support, reviewed international victim's rights, and used her knowledge on the role and rights of victims to draft a revised Bluffton University Judicial Code.


  • The Organization of American Historians
    An organization engaged in the process of evaluating the history of the United States. It came into existence in 1907 with the name of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association, but later changed to the current title of the OAH. This organization utilizes various events in order to continue its purpose of studying and explaining American history.
  • The American Association for State and Local History
    An organization formed in 1904 under the title of the Conference of State and Local Historical Societies. It was not until 1940, when the AASLH would cut its connections with the CSLHS to become an independent organization. This group ensures the continuation in the studying of local and state history. 
  • American Historical Association
    The premier organization for American historians. It was founded in 1884 and has been serving as a way for all American historians to work with each other. This site is a great tool for any major that intends to pursue a career in history whether as a teacher, writer, museum coordinator, etc.