Office Services

Office Location Contact
Academic Affairs Office College Hall, second floor 419-358-3317 
The academic affairs office provides services for registration and academic advising and is the home of the dean of academic affairs, registrar and other academic-related offices. 
Admissions Office  Houshower House
Spring Street 
The admissions office provides recruitment materials, works with new, transferring and incoming students, orchestrates campus visits, and walks students through the application process.
Office of Adult and Graduate Studies Mara Alva House
Spring Street
The adult and graduate studies office offers adult and graduate programs at a flexible and manageable pace. With both online, one night a week and in-class options, students can pursue a professional degree or complete their bachelors on their time.  
Alumni Relations Riley Court, Byers Hall
second floor
Alumni relations, a part of Bluffton University’s advancement division, integrates the colleges past, present and future by serving as a resource for those who have attended the university. It is is instrumental in planning Homecoming, FareWelcome Weekend and other alumni events.
University Archives and 
Mennonite Historical Collections 
Musselman Library  419-358-3275 
The university archives and Mennonite historical collection houses many artifacts from Bluffton’s past. The collection of historical yearbooks and photographs, World War II correspondences, old publications of The Witmarsum and much more of Bluffton University’s growing history can be viewed online, or in person by contacting the curator.
Arts and Lecture Credit Program  Registrar’s Office 
College Hall, second floor 
Call: 419-358-3321
Fax: 419-358-3323
The arts and lecture programs offers a shared academic and cultural experience among faculty, staff and students. Students are required to attend at least 60 arts and lecture events over four years to graduate. Events include Forums, Friday Colloquiums, art receptions, concerts, plays, author readings and more.

Athletics Director Sommer Center 
Rosenberger Road
The athletics director works with the athletics program to schedule and coordinate events, games and regular season activities for Bluffton’s sports teams. He manages conference related material and works with alumni events, recruitment opportunities and the sports camps and shootouts offered throughout the year.
Bluffton University Nature Preserve Augsburger Road  
The Bluffton University Nature Preserve is home to 160 acers of woodland and grassland trails, with a small lake wildlife habitat. It is open during daylight hours. Hikers are encouraged to stay on the mowed trails and catch and release fishing is allowed at the pond. It is known for the Swinging Bridge over Riley Creek. One of the newest additions is the Moyer Nature Center to enhance science and recreational education. 

 Bookstore  Marbeck Center
1 University Drive
 1-888-392-2930 or 
The bookstore is the place where students can rent or purchase and return textbooks through the Textbook Butler program. The store also provides basic stationary, classroom and organizational supplies as well as Bluffton merchandise.
 Buildings and Grounds Bentley Road  419-358-3237
Buildings and grounds provides groundskeeping, custodial, maintenance, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other services to help ensure the university operates comfortably and smoothly.
 Business Office  College Hall, first floor   419-358-3312
The business office maintains student account information, billing and payroll. Human resources is also located in the business office. Students can add Beaver Bucks to their ID through the business office, as well as submit tax information and other forms for student employment.
Campus Information Desk  Marbeck Center 

The campus information desk is the main campus switchboard, the campus mailroom and the box office. They coordinate the campus space reservation system and bulletin boards across Marbeck that update for meetings, sessions and activities across campus.
Center for Career and Vocation  Musselman Library, first floor

The Center for Career and Vocation assists students in getting career ready and finding their vocational calling. They help students learn more about their interests and strengths, identify their passions and purpose, and explore majors and minors. Additionally, they assist in developing job or internship search strategies, planning for graduate school admission, finding post-graduate service opportunities, and creating a résumé, cover letter or portfolio both in hard copy or online.
Cross-cultural Programs Office College Hall, second floor 

The cross-cultural programs office offers students insight and assistance with planning their cross-cultural opportunity. Students can receive help locating opportunities, discover more about the experiences Bluffton offers, receive assistance with passport and visa registration, learn about trip financial aid, and much more.
Counseling services  Riley Court, Spring Street 419-358-3449
Counseling services offers students free and confidential assistance for mental health issues and mental well-being. Students dealing with or coping with issues, problems or concerns of any level are welcome to make an appointment.

Curriculum Resource Center  Musselman Library, 4th floor

The curriculum resource center provides education students with materials to shape their classrooms and bulletin boards while offering games, books and other materials to help fill their curriculum and lesson plans. Other students may also utilize the material for residence hall bulletin boards and projects.    

Development Office  Riley Court 419-358-3269
The development office, serving in the advancement division, works with alumni and friends of the university who contribute to annual giving and donations that promote campus innovation and growth. 

Dining Services The Commons 
Marbeck Center
Dining services, operated by Sodexo, provides meals in Marbeck Commons, alternative dining options at Freshens in Bob’s Place as well as full service banquet and catering services. 

Disability Services  Learning Resource Center 
College Hall, third floor 
Disability services offers students, who need additional accommodations, the appropriate arrangements to maximize their educational potential, develop independence to the fullest extent possible and perform at a level limited only by their abilities, not their disabilities.

Facilities Reservation  Marbeck Center  419-358-3216
Campus facilities may be reserved for on-campus and community needs. Bluffton University members may reserve spaces for campus use through an  online space reservation portal. Reservation requests from off-campus may be made online. Contact Sodexo directly for catering services

Financial Aid Office  Spring Street  419-358-3266
The financial aid office provides new, incoming and current students with the tools and financial assistance to excel at Bluffton. A wide range of scholarships are available based on academic achievement musical or artistic talent, community involvement and more. They can also answer questions about financial resources, topics on federal and state issues, financial aid application processes, grant and loan issues and much more.
Fitness and Weight Training Center  Sommer Center   419-358-3216
The fitness and weight training center is a well-equipped fitness facility available to Bluffton students, faculty, staff and emeriti. Guests are permitted for a small fee, based on season, guest type and special permissions.
Information Technology Help Desk  Centennial Hall 
The Information Technology Department assists students connecting to the campus network, mapping the student's home directory, researching suspicious phishing email and accessing Bluffton email and software resources. 
Intramural program    419-358-3218
The intramural program, under the direction of the health and sports science departments, provides health and fitness opportunities and a break from academic work. The program offers a wide range of recreational sports and encourages a competitive and fun atmosphere for both athletes and non-athletes alike, with t-shirts awarded to champions in each intramural sport.
Learn and Earn program    419-358-3421 
The Learn and Earn program offers students employment on Bluffton’s campus, with the ability for some to gain work experience in their area of academic study. Students may receive eligibility for a campus job through financial aid awards. Work ranges from two to ten hours per week with merit-based pay increase each year.
Learning Resource Center  College Hall, third floor   419-358-3018 
The Learning Resource Center provides academic and personal support in the form of study groups, tutoring, workshops and individual consultations. The center provides aid with lessons in time management, note taking, reading, math, test taking and stress management and much more. It additionally provides a quiet area to study and do homework. 

 Musselman Library  Bluffton University   Call: 419-358-3262
Text: 419-890-3508
Musselman Library provides a large collection of on-campus literature, off-campus texts through OhioLINK partnership, online databases, eBooks and texts, a memory archive, personal librarian assistance and much more. The library also hosts a number of Arts & Lecture credit events through the year, including First Tuesday Forum lectures and book readings.
Lion and Lamb Peace and Arts Center  Riley Court 
S. Spring Street 
The Lion and Lamb Peace and Arts Center promotes the study of peace and justice, cultural understanding and nonviolent responses to conflict with an emphasis on these themes for children. Utilizing arts and literature, the center offers resource, art collections and programs for children, students and all people to focus on Bluffton’s themes of peace and nonviolence. It is also the headquarters of International Connection (ICon).
Lost & Found  Campus Information Desk
Marbeck Center 
The lost is found department provides a drop-off point for found or discarded items on campus. Items can be turned in or claimed from the staff at the desk per request.

Mail Room  Marbeck Center  419-358-3000
The mail room offers students on campus mail services for off-campus packages and letters as well as on-campus mail distribution. The mail room is also utilized by faculty and staff and other on-campus organizations to return exams, promote campus activates and more.
Marbeck Center  1 University Drive 419-358-3000
Marbeck Center serves as the social, recreational and informational center on campus. It features Freshens at Bob’s Place, The Commons dining facility, lounges, the bookstore, post office, student organization offices, meeting rooms and more. It serves as a home base for personal involvement and community at Bluffton.
Multicultural Student Development Center Hirschy Breezeway

The Multicultural Student Development Center promotes academic and personal growth and development of minority and international students at Bluffton. The center offers academic and personal counseling, meeting and studying spaces, liaison services, diversity programs and other helpful resources. It is also the home to the Multicultural Student Organization.
Office of Student Engagement  Marbeck Center  419-358-3218
The office of student engagement works to embrace and enrich student leadership, focusing on promoting leadership in Bluffton’s more than 60 student groups and organizations. The office works to unite this base of student organizations through a variety of programs, including workshops, resources, and service opportunities. 
President's Office  College Hall, second floor  419-358-3324
The president’s office is home to Bluffton’s president, Dr. Jane Wood. 

Public Relations Riley Court
S Spring Street
Public relations provides on and off campus resources and materials for major events, campaigns, innovation and other advancement information. They also write campus and community wide news stories, press releases and feature articles, as well as maintain campus social media and various other tasks.
Residence Life Office Riley Court 
S Spring Street
The residence life office focuses on life in the residence halls and apartments, an essential part of the collegiate experience. They promote community growth and building friendships through communal living atmospheres, activities and more. The office works with residence life staff, provides housing questionnaires for new and incoming students, coordinates room draw, assists with maintenance requests and much more.
Registrar's Office  College Hall, second floor   Call: 419-358-3321
Fax: 419-358-3323
The registrar’s office provides administrative services to both current and prospective students, faculty, families and alumni. The office coordinates class registration and schedule changes, graduation certification, grade reporting and transcript processing and other tasks involving academics requests and questions.
Sauder Visual Arts Center Sauder Visual Arts Center
S Spring Street
The Sauder Visual Arts Center is home to Bluffton University’s art department, the Hester Graphic Arts Studio and the Grace Albrecht Gallery. The facility provides state-of-the-art studios for drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, graphic design and more. Several exhibitions are hosted each year with the annual senior exhibit and the annual juried art exhibit featuring art produced within the arts center studios.
Security  Burky Hall
7 a.m.-8 p.m.:  419-303-5116
8 p.m.-7 a.m.:  419-303-3121
Campus security ensures the safety of Bluffton University students while on campus. Security monitors campus throughout the evening to ensure buildings are secure. They also act as campus police and can report vehicle violations, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual misconduct, weapons and other crimes to the student life office or other local authorities.
Spiritual Life Office  Riley Court 
S Spring Street
The spiritual life office services as the home for Bluffton’s spiritual life organizations. Chapel involving student led worship, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, SERVE and Bible studies are a few of the office’s main events. Staffed by the campus ministry assistance, the spiritual life office promotes the integration of the community during worship while being shaped by the Mennonite values of respect, peacemaking and service.
Sports Information  Sommer Center  Call: 419-358-3241
Fax: 419-358-3070
Sports information provides sports records, game day info and schedules, rosters and other sports related materials for Bluffton's men’s and women’s teams. Records, rosters and game day info can also be found online at
Sports Medicine Sommer Center 
Sports medicine provides student athletes with basic care, rehabilitation and injury assistance caused by or involving concussions, sprains and strains, minor injuries, ice baths and other basic physical aid.
 Student Life Office College Hall  419-358-3247
The student life office challenges and supports student learning, discovery and growth in a community environment of respect and service. The office serves as a key resource and advocate for development of all students at Bluffton, and to ensure the university provides a safe, welcoming and diverse environment.
 Technology Center  Centennial Hall lower level   419-358-3459
The technology center provides computer-related services and technologies to students, faculty and staff members at Bluffton. Equipment rentals, printing services, scanning, IT service, classroom assistance and design and productivity software are also available.

Writing Center  Musselman Library, first floor 

The Writing Center offers free feedback and edits on writing projects to help students strengthen their reports or personal writing. The center is staffed by students typically majoring in education and English, offering peer tutoring and resume building material for student workers. The center can assist with brainstorming, organizing drafts, preparing reports, revising essays and basic grammatical error proofreading.