Business office

Main line: 419-358-3312 
Student accounts: 419-358-3443


The business office performs a range of tasks. It maintains student account information, billing and payroll. Human resources is also located in the business office. 

The business office handles student billing and refunds and sends a monthly statement to each student regarding his/her balance. Financial aid is disbursed to students through the business office by crediting the student’s account with the attributed amount of aid at the beginning of each billing period. Questions about billing and payment plans should be directed to the business office. Questions about financial aid should be directed to the financial aid office at 419-358-3266. 

Additional services: 

  • The business office accepts payments for the charge of One Card replacements. Students who lose their ID card should report the loss to the One Card Office (Technology Center - ext. 3459).
  • Students may add Beaver Bucks to their ID at the cashier’s window in the business office ($10 minimum). Students, or even their parents, may also call the business office and have it charged to credit card if desired.
  • Find and submit important tax information and forms at the business office for student employment

All inquiries or requests for accounting assistance should be directed to