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Through all appropriate means, but especially through arts and literature, The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center of Bluffton University promotes the study of peace and justice, cultural understanding and nonviolent responses to conflict with an emphasis on these themes for children. 

Constellation Earth
An open letter from Louise Matthews,
director of The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center
November 2020
Dear Friends,
As I'm drafting this newsletter on Nov. 3, Election Day 2020, I'm reminded of our campus sculpture titled Peace Thrones. Three carved granite rocks invite individuals to sit, listen and dialog with the goal of finding common ground and addressing conflicts without violence and harm. Today, my attention is especially drawn to the additional large rocks surrounding the area, an invitation for others to observe the process of constructive engagement in situations of conflict. Considering the children and youth who have witnessed negative behavior during the current campaign, I encourage us as adults to listen, to learn and to model positive approaches for acknowledging our differences. I know we can do better.

The Lion and Lamb offers:

Programs can be customized for audiences of any age or interest.

Resources include picture books, curriculum guides, teacher references and art work. 

Art collection
Art includes sculptures, fine art, children's artwork and original illustrations from picture books as well as The Honda Outdoor Peace Sculpture Garden

We encourage you to explore the Bluffton Peace Trails, a virtual art tour around campus. 

Director : Louise Matthews
Louise Matthews received an associate degree from Hesston College, Hesston, Kan. (1976) and bachelor's degree in elementary education K-8 from Bluffton University (1978). Louise taught in several school systems before she began teaching her five children at home, taking advantage of resources and programs through The Lion and Lamb when it began in 1987. Louise began her service as director of the center in 2004. Her teaching background and experiences with children, as well as an Anabaptist peace heritage, inform her work and efforts for peace and justice.

Student assistant: Erica Baer

Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center



Due to COVID-19, programs at The Lion and Lamb are limited and resources are available only for campus members by prior arrangement. The Lion and Lamb looks forward to reopening the center for programs and convenient access for students and visitors when these restrictions are lifed. 

As of now there are two ways to access resources:

Contact information

Phone: 419-358-3207


Mailing address:
The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center

1 University Drive - 50
Bluffton, OH 45817-2104

Swords to Plowshares                                                  Medallion

The Lion and Lamb published a picture book, Swords to Plowshares, written by Lisa Weaver and illustrated by Amanda Huston '13. Stop by the center to purchase your copy for $10. To have a copy sent to you, simply print the order form and send with your payment.
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about the founder

Dr. Elizabeth "Libby" Hostetler, professor emeritus Bluffton University, founded The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center in 1987 to provide a resource for children to gain skills necessary for developing a vision of peace. Libby served as director of the center until retiring from Bluffton University in June 1999. Through her efforts in various roles as a teacher, professor, principal, founder and director of The Lion and Lamb, Libby is an advocate for peace-learning and peace-living.

financial support

The Lion and Lamb depends on financial contributions from those who share our vision for peace. To support our efforts, 1) visit and choose designation option “The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center or 2) write check payable to The Lion and Lamb and send to:

The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center
1 University Drive 50
Bluffton, OH   45817-2104