March 2008 Litany

Senior players lead a litany



This closing litany for the March 2008 Service of Remembrance was led by Bluffton University senior baseball players and coaches.

Ryan: Lord God, we come before you with thanks for all the ways you have shown yourself to us in this past year.

All: Lord, sustainer and redeemer, we give you thanks.

Brandon: Let us reflect upon the strength that has surprised us, and the compassion that has overwhelmed our community.

All: Lord, giver of all strength and compassion, we give you thanks.

Tony: Let us be renewed in our own faith, day by day, remembering your faithfulness to us.

All: Lord of new life, we give you thanks.

Tim: Let us hold fast to the promises of eternal life in you.

All: Lord of eternity, we give you thanks.

Jimmy: Let us be inspired by the memory of those who have lived and gone before us.

All: Lord, giver of life, we give you thanks.

Will: Let us find in the best of their lives a model for us in our lives.

All: Lord of all being, we give you thanks.

Greg: Let us look to you for strength sufficient for the life you have planned for us.

All: Lord of all grace, we give you thanks.

Todd: Let us be full of courage and hope as we live each day.

All: Lord of assurance, we give you thanks.

James: Let us celebrate life and new beginnings; let us continue on with you as our guide.

All: Lord, constant and unchanging, we give you thanks.

All: Amen.

Coach and Tim Berta

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