Information technology

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In an information age characterized by rapid and powerful change, Bluffton University recognizes the need for flexibility in delivering academic programs in the area of computer science and information technology. IT majors are prepared for advanced study and high tech professions through a program that anticipates changes in knowledge requirements and professional opportunities for graduates. 

Information technology major

The information technology (IT) major provides students a range of educational coursework in computer science, web development, graphic design and business. Our graduates are employed in IT fields such as web design, application development, help desk support, IT security or become entrepreneurs.

The IT major is frequently paired with a minor in graphic design or business administration to enhance the student's career opportunities.


Information technology minor 

(19-21 hours)
Required courses: 12 hours
CPS 108 Computer Programming (3)
TEC 105 Web Applications (3)
TEC 200 Scripting Languages (3)
TEC 369 Introduction to Information Systems (3)

Electives: 7-9 hours
*Students can receive a maximum of 12 hours credit for an internship(s) or a practicum(s).
August 2019

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