Leadership development


Learn and Earn
Bluffton offers a wide range of leadership and professional development opportunities - some of which are as close as your on-campus job.  Learn and Earn is the name of Bluffton's student employment program, and the focus truly is on both learning and earning. On-campus jobs give students the chance to develop transferrable critical thinking, time management, problem solving and communication skills while earning a paycheck.

Leadership opportunities
Student organizations, athletic teams, residence life and campus ministry all offer the chance to gain additional knowledge, skills and abilities that transfer both to the classroom and to post-graduate contexts. Student leaders in residence life, campus ministry and other organizations are supported through the Leadership Development Program, sponsored by the student life division.

Examples of students sharpening their leadership skills include

Leadership and professional development training opportunities include:

  • Diversity in the workplace
  • The care and feeding of your supervisor: communication skills and professional development
  • Money matters: how to manage the money you earn
  • Creativity and innovation in the workplace: learning from improv
  • Cultivating your online identity