A World of Opportunities

Each year, Bluffton University students take part in cross-cultural experiences. Touted to students as invitations to explore and grow, these experiences offer a journey of personal discovery into the richness and challenges of other cultures and communities. Immersed in new environments, undergraduate students experience diverse lifestyles, make new friends and learn respect for other cultures all while meeting personal challenges which build character. 

As you read this magazine, you’ll read stories from students who have benefitted from the global opportunities available to Bluffton students and also, remember your own cross-cultural experiences and benefits.

Spencer Garrison - Guatemala

After a change in plans, Spencer Garrison ended up in Guatemala, where he built relationships and became comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable.

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Three Bluffton student-athletes take in the breathtaking scenery and history as they study and compete in Greece. 

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Alex Rose Nashville

Alex Rose gained real-world music industry experience at The Contemporary Music Center in Nashville. The growth they’ve gained from Bluffton and Nashville, has helped prepare Alex for their path as a voice over artist.

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Five Bluffton students travel to Washington D.C. , where they gained major experience and lasting friendships with other participants of the WCSC.

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Olivia Hattery travels to England to study where her favorite childhood author, C. S. Lewis, studied and taught.

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John Hung '60

Three future educators had an eye opening experience in Chicago, where they were pushed out of their comfort zone and found ways to advocate for diversity and inclusion in their future classrooms.

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Dr. Johanna Rian '77

Johanna Rian ’77, an English and theatre double major, recently retired after a fulfilling career in the medical humanities. Rian served as the program director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Humanities in Medicine. 

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