A Foot in the Door

Brandi DominiqueBrandi Dominique didn’t expect a brief introduction to lead to employment straight out of college. But one paid internship, a business trip to Mexico and a job offer before graduation, the 2014 Bluffton alumna is proof that even the smallest networking opportunities can lead to a promising career. >>>more
  Bethany Behnfeldt '13
Bethany BehnfeldtBethany Behnfeldt’s summer internship not only allowed her to explore the field she loved, but it also let her live closer to her boyfriend. After graduating from Bluffton, she continued both relationships, with the parks and recreation department in Green, Ohio, as well as with her now-husband, Zack Lerch. >>>more

Ryan Fisher '98
Ryan FisherRealizing that a life in laboratories likely wasn’t going to match his longer-term career goals and desire to engage with people, Ryan Fisher switched majors from chemistry to business administration at Bluffton. Now, his career is based around interacting with others. >>>more


Karah Weldy '05
Karah WeldyKarah Weldy lives the corporate life, but her focus isn’t on deadlines and profit margins. Instead, her day job is to promote a healthy lifestyle for employees of a large corporation. >>>more

Jacob Stabler '13
Jacob StablerJust 12 weeks shy of obtaining his bachelor’s degree as an intervention specialist, Jacob Stabler fell in love with the social work electives he was taking and chose to change his vocational path. His decision required him to return to Bluffton for a fifth year that would include an internship that blossomed into a full-time job. >>>more