Health Center

The Student Health Center is located in the lower level of Old Ropp Hall. The entrance is on the Riley Creek side. Minor health concerns - such as nausea, diarrhea, headache, minor scrapes and cuts, etc. - can be addressed in the Student Health Center by appointment. Office hours are 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Friday during the academic year.

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Off campus services are available in Bluffton.

Mercy Health —
Bluffton Family Medicine

204 N Main St.
Bluffton , Ohio 45817
Tel: 419-996-5002

Walk-in primary care; no appointment needed.

Bluffton Hospital –
Blanchard Valley
Health System

139 Garau Street,
Bluffton, Ohio 45817

24-hour care including emergency services

Each new undergraduate student is required to submit a medical history form to the health service prior to enrollment in classes. This must include documentation of a TB questionnaire screening form, a Tetanus/Diphtheria/ Pertussis (TDap) booster shot within the last 10 years, two MMR vaccines, two varicella vaccines and one meningitis vaccine after the age of 16 years.

Residential students should sign Hepatitis B vaccination status on the medical history form.

The Bluffton Hospital is located minutes away from the university. Twenty-four-hour emergency care is available if needed.

Health insurance

Students are expected to have their own health insurance and will be responsible for their own medical expenses.

Class attendance in 
relationship to Health Center

A student is directly responsible to each of the instructors for all required work and class attendance. Class attendance is a matter for direct discussion between the student and the instructor.

steps to follow in an emergency:

  • If the health or safety of yourself or others is in immediate danger, dial 911.
  • In non-life threatening emergencies, contact the one of the local medical facilities or a residence life staff member. The hall director on duty can be reached at 419-303-4635.
  • Please keep your health insurance information ready and available for use in emergency situations.


Bluffton University does not provide transportation to medical facilities. Students are encouraged to seek transportation from friends or family. Resident advisors and hall directors do not provide transportation. In times of immediate emergency, the Bluffton EMS will be contacted.