Sales & fund-raising

Policy regarding solicitors, student businesses and fund-raising on campus:

  • Solicitors, salespersons, peddlers and canvassers seeking student contact are not permitted to operate on the Bluffton campus or in any of its buildings or facilities.
  • Students are allowed to operate their personal businesses on campus with the following restrictions:
    • Advertising must be placed on bulletin boards on campus. Print advertising is not allowed in residence halls with exception of on the student's individual door.
    • If students are part of larger national corporations, regional or national representatives of these companies are not allowed on campus.
    • Businesses that would compete with services provided by Bluffton University are not allowed to operate on campus (bookstore, food service, linen service, etc.)
  • All fund raising efforts by student groups gain permission by filling out the fundraising and sponsorship proposal application
  • Any questions or problems concerning on-campus sales or solicitations will be resolved by the student life office.