Traditions & special events

The university's official colors are royal purple and white.

The athletic emblem or mascot of the athletic teams is the beaver, personalized as J. Denny and Jenny Beaver.

The Truth Makes Free. This conviction is at the center of the Christian faith, of Bluffton University and central to the liberal arts tradition of Christian higher education.

There are 15,350+ Bluffton University living alumni. This number includes those who have completed a minimum of 15 credit hours at Bluffton.

This traditional activity is held annually in the fall. 

Art exhibits
Art exhibits are displayed regularly in Marbeck Center and Sauder Visual Arts Center Albrecht Gallery and represent various media and artists students, faculty, community artists, national organizations and professionals. Students wishing to exhibit in Marbeck should consult the director. Most exhibits are organized and provided by the art department.

Meeting each Tuesday throughout the academic year, Forum is a weekly event in which the entire university community-students, faculty and staff-comes together to hear presentations and programs that deal with important themes and issues of the day. The majority of the speakers are from outside of Bluffton. They range across the academic disciplines and are chosen because of their expertise in an area of significance for the university curriculum. Special Forums, such as the C. Henry Smith Peace Lecture and the Keeney Peace Lecture, enable the articulation of heritage values central to the Bluffton. Programming is determined by the Forum director, in consultation with a committee of faculty and students. Forum events are among those in the list of events that qualify for arts and lecture academic credit.

History of the university
See historical sketch, University Catalog.

Board of trustees
The ownership, control and full legal responsibility of Bluffton University is vested in the Board of Trustees.

The university has had nine presidents since 1900: Dr. N.C. Hirschy, 1900-08; Dr. S.K. Mosiman, 1910-35; Rev. A.S. Rosenberger, 1935-38; Dr. L.L. Ramseyer, 1938-65; Dr. Robert S. Kreider, 1965-72; Dr. Benjamin Sprunger, 1972-77; Dr. Elmer Neufeld, 1978-96; Dr. Lee Snyder, 1996-2006, Dr. James M. Harder, 2006-18, Dr. Jane Wood, 2018-current.