Intramural athletics

Elizabeth Rockwell, coordinator of student engagement

The intramural program is under the direction of student life. Student assistants help in its coordination. The intramural program contributes to the health and fitness of the participants and provides diversion from academic work. This program provides the opportunity for making participation in sports a meaningful part of a student's total education. Activities included in the intramural program are volleyball, basketball,  tennis, tennis-ball-golf, soccer and coed tournaments in various sports.
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Intercollegiate athletics

Intercollegiate athletics are an exciting and vital part of life at Bluffton University. In order to be eligible for competition in any sport, athletes must meet the requirements set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA, Division III). Men's intercollegiate athletic schedules are maintained in football, basketball, track and field, cross country, baseball, soccer and tennis. Sports for women include volleyball, basketball, track and field, cross country, fast-pitch softball, soccer, and tennis.

Statement of principles
Statement of Principles for Intercollegiate Athletics* at Bluffton University are as follows:

Bluffton University is committed to a philosophy of firm institutional control of athletics, to the unquestioned academic and financial integrity of our athletic program, and to the accountability of the athletic department to the values and goals of the university. In support of that commitment, the board, faculty and administrative staff of Bluffton University have examined and agreed to the following general principles as a guide to our participation in intercollegiate athletics:

  • The educational mission, values and practices of Bluffton University determine the standards by which we conduct our intercollegiate athletic program.
  • The responsibility and authority for the administration of the athletic department, including all basic policies, personnel and finances, are vested in the president.
  • The welfare, health and safety of student-athletes are primary concerns of athletic administration on this campus. Bluffton University will provide student-athletes with the opportunity for academic experiences that are available to all students.
  • Every student-athlete male and female, majority and minorities will receive equitable and fair treatment.
  • The admission of student-athletes including transfers will be based on their showing promise of being successful in a course of study leading to an academic degree. That judgment will be made by the admissions staff and/or the admissions and scholarship committee.
  • Continuing eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics will be based on students being able to demonstrate each academic term that they are maintaining satisfactory progress as defined by the university's Satisfactory Progress Policy.
  • Student-athletes, in each sport, will be graduated in at least the same proportion as non-athletes who have spent comparable time as full-time students.
  • All funds raised and spent in connection with intercollegiate athletic programs will be channeled through the university's general treasury, not through independent groups, whether internal or external. The athletic department budget will be developed and monitored in accordance with general budgeting procedures on campus.
  • All athletics-related income from non-university sources for coaches and athletic administrators will be reviewed and approved by the college. In cases where the income involves the university's functions, facilities or name, contracts will be negotiated with the institution.
  • Annual academic and fiscal audits of the athletic program will be conducted. Bluffton University is a member in good standing of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Division III (NCAA III) and abides by its constitution and by-laws as well as those of the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC).
* Based on the statement of principles developed by the Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics.
Approved by athletic advisory committee - March 24, 1995
Approved by faculty - April 3, 1995
Approved by administrative staff - April 6, 1995
Approved by Board of Trustees - April 22, 1995

Equity in athletics
All co-educational institutions of higher education that participate in any federal student financial aid program and have intercollegiate athletic programs must provide information concerning their intercollegiate athletic programs under the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act of 1994. Information compiled on the Bluffton University intercollegiate athletic program is available in the office of the director of athletics to those who are interested in reviewing this information.