Ultimate Frisbee

There's so much to do, it could make you dizzy. / We haven't even mentioned Ultimate Frisbee! / You might forget to study if you get too busy, / But don't, or you might flunk your next pop quizzy. 


Mathematics community

Faculty and students enjoy getting together outside of class as much as (or more than?) in class. Roughly once a month, we gather for coffee and conversation at the Twisted Whisk Coffeehouse, for our fall cookout, annual Christmas cookie decorating party or Pi Day celebration.

Each week, mathematics faculty and students  and all others who are interested gather for a presentation on a mathematics or computer topic. Topics and presenters are announced weekly to the campus community.


Students decorate cookies

Mathematics students decorate cookies for the holidays!  


Pi Day

Students and faculty gather for the annual Pi Day celebration! You might even sing “ Pi (A Love Song) ” by Dr. Darryn Nester,
a winner in the National Museum of Mathematics’ (MoMath’s) 2015 song contest.

Links and more!






  • End Game SET. A version by our own Dr. Darryl Nester. The making of End Game Set.
  • KenKen. Like Sudoku, except that it actually requires mathematics.
  • The Pi Song.
  • Mathpuzzle.com maintained by Ed Pegg, Jr. New puzzles added frequently.
  • Games: Big Idea Productions is the home of the VeggieTale and 3-2-1 Penguins video series; they also host this site with lots of nifty games, including at least three with math or logic themes: Light Brigade, Spaced Penguins, and Doom Funnel Chasers.
  • The Set card game site
  • A "mind reading" trick based on some interesting mathematics. (This is also an advertisement for 7-Up.)
  • MindBluff.com: "Mind Bluff explores infinite mysteries of the human mind. Our growing collection includes some of the web's best mental and visual brain teasers, optical illusions, word puzzles, and tactile illusions."
  • MathArtFun.com posters, books, software, puzzles, etc. showing tessellations, fractals, geometric designs, ...