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Steve Harnish Math - 2019

Stephen Harnish

Professor of mathematics Mathematical and natural sciences department chair
(419) 358-3294

Darryl Nester Math 2019

Darryl Nester

Professor of mathematics
(419) 358-3483

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Art Shelly - Math 2019

Art Shelly

Assistant professor of computer science; network administrator
(419) 358-3359

Don Hooley - Math 2019

Don Hooley

Emeritus professor of mathematics

Faculty Stories

Darryl Nester


Some people love pie. Dr. Darryl Nester has a crush–lyrically, at least–on pi. And the mathematics professor's "Pi (A Love Song)" is a hit, as a winner in the National Museum of Mathematics' 2015 song contest.     
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