Darryl Nester

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"While I was a student at Bluffton, I spent three summers as an intern in the actuarial department at Mennonite Mutual Aid (now Everence)"


Mathematics faculty


Steve Harnish Math - 2019

Stephen Harnish

Professor of mathematics Mathematical and natural sciences department chair

(419) 358-3294

Darryl Nester Math 2019

Darryl Nester

Professor of mathematics

(419) 358-3483

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Art Shelly - Math 2019

Art Shelly

Assistant professor of computer science; network administrator

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Don Hooley - Math 2019

Don Hooley

Emeritus professor of mathematics


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Steve Harnish


When the world came to a screeching halt in 2020 we knew that the job market would go through significant changes. With that in mind, Zippia.com polled experts across industries and fields, including Bluffton’s own Steve Harnish, on how they see the job market changing.     
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