Business management

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The business management program is an intensive, accelerated degree-completion program for adults, which provides students with knowledge and skills in management. In this program, qualified students currently working in business, industry, health and public service sectors can complete their course work in as few as four 18-week semesters. 


(41 hours)
BMP 141, 142, 143, 144 Resilient Leadership: Reflection and Practice (.5 per class)
BMP 301 Group and Organizational Behavior (3)
BMP 303 Organizational Theory and Design (3)
BMP 304 Principles of Management and Leadership (3)
BMP 305 Research and Statistical Methods (3)
BMP 306 Business Communication (3)
BMP 308 Management Control Systems (3)
BMP 406 Human Resource Management (3)
BMP 407 Faith and Community (3)
BMP 409 Personal Values and Business Ethics (3)
BMP 410 Living in the Global Community (3)
BMP 412 Independent Research Project (3)
BMP 413 Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations (3)
BMP 414 Entrepreneurship (3)


The competencies listed below must be met to graduate. This can be done through course work at Bluffton, transfer credit, DSST, CLEP or academic credit by examination. An advisor will work with you to determine the best option. The completion of English composition is required before beginning the organizational management program. It is recommended, but not required, that the remaining competencies be completed before beginning the program as well.

Writing Well competency
Creative Expression competency
Exploring the Past competency
Scientific Inquiry competency

Textbooks are provided to students for the first semester and student accounts are charged. For following semesters the Business Management Program provides ISBN information for textbooks needed after the first semester so that students may purchase/lease their own textbooks. Two custom texts are provided in the program and the student account is charged.  Students with Veteran’s benefits should be aware that Veterans Affairs does NOT cover book expenses.

July 2022