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Mission statement

Bluffton University is a liberal arts university in northwestern Ohio founded in 1899 and affiliated with Mennonite Church USA. Shaped by that historic peace church tradition and nourished by a desire for excellence in all phases of its programs, Bluffton University seeks to prepare students of all backgrounds for life as well as vocation, for responsible citizenship, for service to all peoples and, ultimately, for the purposes of God's universal kingdom.

Bluffton's pursuit of excellence, informed by its Christian commitments as understood through Anabaptist/Mennonite faith values, expresses itself in the following Bluffton University purposes:

  • to provide a superior baccalaureate program in the liberal arts emphasizing individual inquiry, critical thinking and lifelong learning;
  • to provide superior preparation in a select number of professional areas as an integral part of the liberal arts program;
  • to provide select master's degree programs in areas of Bluffton University strengths and expertise which address contemporary needs;
  • to integrate the Christian expression of outreach, service and peacemaking into not only the curricular and co-curricular programs, but the daily life of the campus community;
  • to contribute to the intellectual, cultural and spiritual welfare of the local, national and global communities.


June 2022