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‘India lost one-third of its coastline from erosion. The National Centre for Coastal Research surveyed 6,031 kilometers of India’s 7,517-kilometre coastline from 1990 to 2016’

‘two micro-continents were found in the Indian Ocean that would link the theory that India and Australia were once connected’

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1. Fill kitchen with women, 10 Rosies with rolled sleeves. Scatter
across tile like falling crumbs from chapped lips. 
2. Pie filling is secret as the porch’s spare key. Release powder
from sealed lunch bags, letting clouds fill the kitchen and conceal
feminine forms. Add 2 cups milk and guard concoction with
grandma’s hand mixer.

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after Danez Smith

The door of your hovel, 
cottonwood knotted with kerning, always

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i always sit after my shower in my damp towel on my bed until it feels like hours and my hair is mostly dry.

     (file under: things that make sense)

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          fog trembling over liminal landscape                                  sand soft as the stroke of split ends
          against skin          i was told to come here

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your scream
splits the still night
heavy with creosote perfume
and the sweet scent
of darkness

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what i mean is i’d like to be a firefly, a lavender cloud tipped with gold, liquid indigo. and what i mean is that i’d like warm hands cupped around me, fingers reaching towards the sky, 
       hands dyed in my color. 

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                   my grandma says, winding up her yarn.
in chinese, mingyun is fate.      an invisible red thread 
                                  connecting those who are destined to meet.
i remember this as i meet his honeyed eyes, 

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When I say “you,” I speak of a ghost, a myth, a loneliness. A story passed from night to tearchoked night. There was a real “you,” and it was just him, but like identical twins there was a split, and they are separate people now.

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Our planet has four pink moons.
       Sit on benches, watch them play. 
              It’s June. You pierce small blue violets 
                      Between my thighs, all in line, they 
                              Pulse indigo in the evening time. 

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I sometimes have a hard time saying goodnight to her because I mix up the word “goodnight” with “goodbye.” And saying goodbye to her right before she goes to sleep isn’t a particularly calming thing to do; it kind of implies nightmares or perhaps, even death, may befall her in between the time when she closes her eyes and opens them again in a new day.

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Your chin was a roof and your arms were the walls.
Your kisses were high ceilings and your lap was the floor.
Your words hung tapestries and painted pictures modeled
after Monet and I hung them on the wall and admired them

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On our backs in the wheat field, I lie on your left side
staring at your whole and glorious ear. The sky is knifed and shredded
with clouds. Stalks spearing our shoulders. The sunburnt soles
of our feet tread circles around each other while you glaze your God in blues.

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