Dinnertime Waltz

by Solomon Foster

Our planet has four pink moons.
       Sit on benches, watch them play. 
              It’s June. You pierce small blue violets 
                      Between my thighs, all in line, they 
                              Pulse indigo in the evening time. 

Our small planet has acred rings,
        You dance with me across them while 
              The stardust sings. I love you like the Irish 
                          Do, between silent sips of cider brew. 

Yet our existence is still confined to this 
       Kitchen sink sadness and debonair quips.
              I promise you that I will stay with you, 
                     On our small planet with four pink moons. 


Solomon Foster is a poet. Their poem The End of this Week is Sunday appeared in “The Dead Mule of Southern Literature” (2020).