Tuition and financial aid

International students after commencement

Nothing should ever stand in the way of the person you were meant to become.

We offer a wide range of scholarships based on academic achievement, musical or artistic talent, community involvement and more. 


Additional fees for books and travel, estimated $1,800


Basic fees (estimated): Yearly Amount Semester Amount
Tuition (12-17 hours/semester) $35,498 $17,749
Technology fee 650 325
Student activity fee 150 75
Room * 5,842 2,921
Board (15 meal plan **) 6,024 3,012
Room damage deposit (new students only) 100  
Total $48,164 $24,082
  • Charge per semester hour if less than 12 hours: $1,480 per semester hour
  • Charge per semester hour over 17 up to and including 20 hours: $1,045 per semester hour
  • Charge per semester hour over 20 hours: $1,480 per semester hour


International student grant 
A grant ranging from $1,000-$9,000 recognizes that international students encounter additional costs to travel to Bluffton University. $1,000 is automatically given to all qualified applicants. New students may apply for up to $9,000 based on financial need. This grant is renewable for four years. 

Many additional scholarships and grants are available to international students at Bluffton.
Bluffton scholarships and grants >

In addition, international students can work on campus and earn the following:

Campus work-study (academic year) $2,340
Summer employment $4,960



After you have applied and been accepted as a Bluffton University student, make a deposit of $2,000 to secure your place at Bluffton University. It is not in addition to your Bluffton tuition. It will be deducted from your bill. The deposit is non-refundable after May 1.

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