Tuition and fees

The Estimated Cost of Attendance is the combination of Direct Charges (tuition, housing, dining and fees) and Variable Expenses (textbooks, transportation and personal expenses).

Variable expenses are estimates and vary based on your personal choices. The Estimated Cost of Attendance below is required by federal regulations. 


  Semester Amount Yearly Amount
Tuition (12-17 hours/semester) $18,281 $36.562
Technology fee 400 800  
Student activity fee 100 200
Room 3,008 6,016
Board (15 meal plan) 3,102 6,204
Becoming a Student fee (new students only)   130
Total $24,891 $49,912
  • Tuition:
    • Charge per semester hour if less than 12 hours: $1,523 per semester hour
    • Charge per semester hour over 20 hours: $1,523 per semester hour
  • Technology fee covers:
    • Access to the campus network
    • High speed Internet connection from the residence hall room and around campus
    • Campus email address
    • Access to online course information and student records
    • Technology center access
    • Access to OhioLINK electronic library resources
    • Regular upgrades to student computing resources

2024 summer tuition fees

Tuition per credit hour $400
Technology fee - 11 hours or less (part time) $50
Technology fee - 12 hours or more (full time) $100


Estimated Cost of attendance

Federal regulations require institutions provide an estimate of all costs associated with attending Bluffton University. Textbooks, supplies, personal expenses and transportation costs are the responsibility of the student and costs vary.

Estimated Variable Costs
(these costs are not included on your student invoice)
Textbooks and supplies $1,600
Personal expenses $2,304
Transportation $904

The campus bookstore offers books for purchase or rent, including buyback options. New students at Bluffton will be presented with their options during summer orientation.


on-campus housing and food

Living expenses includes fees for living in the residence halls and meals. Students who live in Neufeld Hall or Ramseyer Hall are charged an additional $50 per semester. First year students will also have to pay a $100 room deposit. There is an additional charge for apartment living. Students living in the apartments must select at least an Apartment 70 block meal plan, whereas students in other residence halls must select a 10 meal plan at the minimum.

Residence Hall Room charge 
per semester
Super Single charge 
per semester
Bren-Dell, Ropp, Hirschy Complex $3,008 $3,778
Neufeld, Ramseyer (air conditioned) $3,058 $3,828
Riley Court apartments (air conditioned) $4,328 $5,098


Meal plans

Residential students are initially billed for the Premier 15-meal plan. Each meal plan includes “Beaver Bucks,” dollars that can be used to purchase food items in the snack bar or additional meals in The Commons. Residential students are required to choose one of three meal plans: Full Value 20 plus meal plan, Premier 15 Plus meal plan or Basic 10 Plus meal plan. First-year students must select between the 20 meal plan or the 15 meal plan their first semester, and have the option of selecting the 10 meal plan beginning their second semester. Commuter and apartment meal plans are also available.

Meal plan options

  Semester fee
Full Value 20 Plus

20 meal plan per week w/ $50 Beaver Bucks
Our best value meal plan. This traditional plan provides students personal access to the Commons for each of our 20 meals per week. Plus, students receive $50 in Beaver Bucks each semester. You don't have to worry about keeping track of your meals and you will always have three meals a day and two on Sunday.
Premier 15 Plus

15 meal plan per week w/ $100 Beaver Bucks  
This dining option offers more flexibility by allowing students any 15 meals per week in the Commons. Plus, students receive $100 in Beaver Bucks per semester.
Basic 10 plus

10 meal plan per week w/$150 Beaver Bucks

This plan provides students access to any 10 meals per week in the Commons. Plus, students receive $150 in Beaver Bucks each semester. This plan is not available during fall semester for first-year students.
Apartment block 70

70 meals per semester w/ $150 Beaver Bucks
This plan provides students living in the university apartments with the option of 70 meals per semester in the Commons. Plus, students receive $150 in Beaver Bucks that can be used for purchases in Bob’s Place or additional meals in the Commons. This plan is only available for those living in the university apartments.

Commuter options

5 meals per week w/ $150 Beaver Bucks

Commuters also have the option of purchasing Beaver Bucks in any amount.


>>> more information about meal plans and Beaver Bucks

billing, payment plan and refund information

Bluffton University uses electronic billing (e-bill) as its official billing method. The student is responsible for viewing and paying their student account e-bill by the scheduled due date. Students will be sent an e-bill beginning June 30 and the first of every month thereafter if a balance remains. 

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