Alternate programs

Central American Study and Service (CASAS)
Central American Study and Service is located in Guatemala City. Semester and summer programs offer a variety of emphases including Spanish, peace and justice, development, missions, sociology and social work. CASAS provides an in-country orientation, home stays and numerous field trips.

CCCU Global Ed (formerly known as BestSemester)
CCCU Global Ed offers several semester study programs in other countries. International locations include Australia, Costa Rica, Middle East, England and Uganda. The international locations and the Nashville, Tenn., program will meet the cross-cultural requirement. The Los Angeles and Washington D.C.  do not meet the cross-cultural requirement. Students participating in all but the Oxford, England, Summer BestSemester program will remain full-time students at Bluffton for purposes of credit and financial aid.

Amizade  (formerly known as BCA Study Abroad)
Amizade offers semester and year-long study abroad opportunities in Germany, Spain, Ecuador, and Mexico for foreign language majors and minors. Amizade also offers study abroad options that do not have a language prerequisite. These locations include Belgium, China, England, France, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Palestine and Trinidad & Tobago.

CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) 
CIEE offers a comprehensive lineup of semester and summer study abroad programs in 41 countries. 

Marathana Prothro (fall 2024) or Paul Neufeld Weaver (spring 2025)

Laura Irwin '23

Alaskan wilderness

Laura Irwin ’23, a music education major and Spanish minor, from Glenmont, Ohio, spent 30 days in the Alaskan wilderness with no technology or electricity.