Are you fascinated by figuring out what makes people tick? Then psychology might be the right major or minor for you.

Our classes are small, so you will receive considerable individual attention. The major in psychology consists of core and elective classes. Courses in the core provide an introduction to the field, teach general research skills, provide space to reflect on the interaction of faith and psychology and cover the foundational areas of personality theory. The elective classes you choose for personal interest or to meet your career goals. You have the opportunity for both experiential learning and faculty-directed student research.

As a psychology student at Bluffton, your classes are designed to provide solid preparation for either employment upon graduation or for you to move on to graduate studies. >>>career options

Studying neuropsychology at Harvard Medical School

Our students

Kala Jilani-Pritchett, a senior psychology major, spent a month at Harvard Medical School exploring the areas of neuroscience and neuropsychology, sciences involving the study of the brain.
>>>Kala's story."

For those considering graduate school, you will develop skills in interviewing, conducting surveys and performing experiments. You will learn computer-based methods of analyzing data, to write and present the results of investigations and to be a critical consumer of psychological information.

For a minor in psychology, just take PSY 110 and six additional psychology courses of your choice.

It is also possible to DOUBLE-MAJOR in psychology and another discipline. Recently, students have paired their psychology major with majors in such areas as dietetics, social work, business administration, education, math and music (for those interested in music therapy.) If you are interested in art therapy, we have partnered with the art department to create the pre-art therapy major.

Explore the courses required for a

FOUR YEAR PLANS provide guidance to earn a major in psychology, beginning in an odd year or even year; or a pre-art therapy major, beginning in an odd year or even year.