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Angela Montel - Science 2019

Angela Montel, Ph.D.

Professor of biology; Divisional council member-natural and applied sciences; biology coordinator
(419) 358-3387

Daniel Berger -Science 2019

Daniel J. Berger, Ph.D.

Professor of chemistry
(419) 358-3379

Charles Daws - Science 2019

Charles A. Daws, Ph.D.

Professor of chemistry; chemistry coordinator
(419) 358-3366

Luke Myers - Science 2019

Luke Myers, Ph.D.

Assistant  professor of physics
(419) 358-3270

Sarah Lehman - Science 2019

Sarah Lehman, M.S.

Assistant professor of biology
(419) 358-3353


Bob AntibusTwenty years ago, then-President Dr. Elmer Neufeld announced during a faculty meeting that there was an open seat on the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District board. Dr. Bob Antibus took an interest in the position and found that it would be a perfect fit for him to make a difference. "The biggest reward I get from volunteering is seeing the park district grow and to see that interest is growing in it as well," he says. >>>more