Engineering studies

Physics lab with Isabel Miller

Innovate to Make the world a better place 

Do you tear things apart just to see how they work? Is your happy place creatively building machines to solve problems? Was Knex your favorite toy ever? 

A career in engineering will combine your natural curiosity, creativity and desire to understand. You may impact the world by solving problems through innovation.

At Bluffton, all engineering students take courses from the mathematics and physics departments. Advanced degrees may be required for career advancement.

Collaborative programs

With these plans you will enjoy a small-campus experience with one-on-one attention and smaller classes sizes for your foundational courses. 


A dual degree program where you take classes and graduate from both Bluffton and OSU-Lima with degrees focused on engineering. Live on Bluffton’s campus and participate in athletics, campus life and the arts.

  • For students with strong math and science skills
  • Earn bachelor’s degrees in both Applied Engineering Science (from Bluffton) and Engineering Technology (from OSU-Lima)
  • Complete both degrees in four years by following a strict curriculum
  • Pending HLC approval

You would likely enter the workforce after graduation with no required professional exam. These are not engineering degrees. You would be prepared to become a leader in high-demand, rapidly growing industries like robotics, industrial automation, artificial intelligence, biomedical technology and more.

Engineering Technology major

Wright State University

Complete general education and pre-engineering coursework over two years and one summer at Bluffton. Then transfer to Wright State University to complete a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in two additional years.

  • Prepare for an engineering profession while enjoying the small-campus experience, athletics and student life
  • Be eligible to take the professional engineering exam, get licensed and enter the work force upon graduation from Wright State.

Sample 4-year plan

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

One-year accelerated master’s programs at the University of Dayton

Earn a degree in any STEM field at Bluffton and prepare for a career in an engineering field that does not have accrediting requirements. Examples are bioengineering, civil engineering, engineering management, etc. 

Engineering master's programs


Pre-engineering might be right for you if you want to:

  • Explore the fields of engineering and strengthen the math and science skills that you may not have been exposed to in high school.
  • Add a second major or minor to prepare for an engineering specialization such as chemical, biomechanical, computer, etc. in graduate school.
  • Prepare for an engineering profession while enjoying the small-campus experience, athletics and student life.
  • Graduate from Bluffton prepared to enroll in an accredited engineering program.

Following completion of a bachelor’s degree in pre-engineering, students have pursued a master’s or doctorate at an engineering school. 

The total program is typically six years (four years at Bluffton followed by two years for a master’s degree). It is common to obtain an assistantship for graduate school. In other words, students “pay” for the master’s degree by working for the engineering school.