Campus life

Late night conversations in the lobby of Ramseyer Hall. Student Senate meetings on Sunday nights. Playing a round of tennis ball golf on a sunny afternoon....

Students at Bluffton are active. They are involved in life on campus and create exciting opportunities for others to get involved. As a parent, here are a few campus life items to consider:

  • Bluffton is intentionally a residential campus. Students live on campus all four years. Freshmen are not isolated and usually live next to juniors and seniors. We believe in the value and benefit of students living on campus. It allows formal and informal connections between students, faculty and staff to grow.
  • Students find the campus to be safe. While no place is perfect, students are comfortable walking across campus at night and don't worry about things disappearing from their rooms. The Honor System on campus doesn't just apply to our classroom and academic policies. Students at Bluffton are challenged to treat one another honestly and respectfully in their actions outside the classroom, as well.
  • Students learn to be leaders. With more than 60 clubs and organizations, students can lead through participation or service to others. Our dynamic Leadership Development Program allows student leaders to develop their abilities and talents in working in a variety of organizational settings. Leadership skills are highly desirable to employers and Bluffton graduates have every opportunity to enhance those skills while students.

Visit the student life page to find out more about specific campus life opportunities for your son or daughter.