Admissions & financial aid 101

Whether you are completely new to the college search process or already have sent other children to college, here are a few important things for parents to consider:

  • The campus visit is the most critical part of the college search process. We hear time and time again that students choose Bluffton because it just felt right. Only your son or daughter is going to be able to make that determination and make the final decision on attending Bluffton. You can't do it for them.  However, you can encourage them to make campus visits. You can schedule your visit to Bluffton online.

  • Most students complete their applications in the fall of their senior year. This allows time for high schools to have official transcripts and recommendations processed. Bluffton operates on a rolling admissions basis. A decision on admission is made as soon as all required materials have been sent to us. Students can apply online.

  • As you plan for paying for your son or daughter's education, it is important that you have a good understanding of how financial aid works. We encourage you to attend financial aid workshops offered at your high school or school district. The more you become familiar with this process, the less intimidating it will be. To get started, we encourage you to visit our financial aid website.

  •  Spend time familiarizing yourself with the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This form determines additional types of financial aid you may qualify for through federal and state programs. The FAFSA Estimator is a great tool to help you estimate the results of completing the FAFSA. Send this estimation to us and we can assist you in determining some expected costs to attend Bluffton.