HFSS facilities

Facilities for Health, Fitness and Sport Science courses are located in Sommer Center, the Bluffton University Nature Preserve, Emery Sears Athletic Complex and Founders Hall.

Sommer Center Copeland CourtSommer Center is a facility with programming, services and activities that promote good health, wellness and fitness education for all current students, faculty and staff. Sommer houses offices for Health, Fitness and Sports Science faculty and coaches, a multipurpose room, basketball and volleyball court, walking track, Weights and Fitness Center and athletic trainer's facility.


Moyer Nature CenterThe Moyer Nature Center, an 1,800-square-foot building located near the main entrance of Bluffton’s 160-acre Nature Preserve, opened in fall 2018. Through her donation, Harriett (Burkhart x52) hopes the multipurpose facility will “contribute to the education of a broad range of groups, provide a focal point for cooperation, and inform about and encourage stewardship of the natural environment.”


Emery Sears Athletic ComplexEmery Sears Athletic Complex, located adjacent to the main campus, includes the Bluffton University Memorial Field (baseball), Alumni Field (football), softball diamond, soccer field and an all-weather track. Dwight Salzman Stadium, dedicated in 1993, houses locker rooms, dressing rooms, concession stand, restrooms, classrooms and a storage area.


Founders Hall

Founders Hall, provides two playing courts, coach offices and classrooms.