Complaint process

Bluffton University has an established procedure to address student concerns and complaints.The procedure varies based on the type of concern being raised.

      • Students with concerns about grades should use the grade appeal procedure found in the Catalog
      • Students with concerns about disciplinary issues or the conduct process may follow the procedure outlined in the Student Handbook or contact Vice President for Student Life and Athletics Phill Talavina ( or 419-358-3248).
      • Title IX concerns should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator, Megan Coffman ( or 419-358-3376), or Title IX Deputy Coordinator: Iris Neufeld ( or 419-358-3322) and Mark Bourassa ( or 419-358-3217).

        Confidential counseling and support are available either through the on-campus Health and Counseling Center ( or 419-358-3449) or through Crime Victim Services (877-867-7273). Crime Victim Services can also provide a trained victim’s advocate. Assistance making a police report is available by calling the Bluffton Police Department at 419-358-4050.
      • FERPA rights are outlined on the registrar's webpage. FERPA concerns should be directed to the Registrar Iris Neufeld (, 419-358-3322). Students have the right to file FERPA complaints with the U.S. Department of Education at:

                      Student Privacy Policy Office
                      400 Maryland Ave., S.W.
                      Washington, DC 20202-8520
      • Requests for ADA accommodations should be directed to the Counselor for Disability Services Jacqui Slinger at or 419-358-3215. Megan Coffman, director of community life, is the official ADA coordinator for Bluffton University. Her office is in College Hall. She can be contacted at 419-358-3376.

      • Any appellants to the President's Office will be advised that the President's Office adheres to the existing appeals process. 

For other Concerns/complaints, contact Registrar Iris Neufeld (, 419-358-3322). Issues not resolved at the institutional level, may be pursued with several organizations:

  • The student may file a grievance with the Ohio Department of Higher Education.
  • Students may contact our accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission.
    • The student may appeal to the portal entity of the home state of the institution through NC-SARA. The state portal entity will notify NC-SARA of the appealed complaint and will also notify the portal entity of the host state where the student is location. For Ohio, that contact information is:

      Matt Exline
      Assistant Director of Program Approval Operations
      Ohio Department of Higher Education
      25 South Front Street
      Columbus, OH  43215