Cleanliness/safety report

Part of the on-campus experience at Bluffton is learning to live in a residence hall community.

While each floor has a custodian, this person is not a maid. Members of the residence hall community are responsible to clean up after him/herself. Per the student handbook:

KITCHENETTES are provided in most residence halls. The residents are responsible for keeping their kitchenettes in order. Custodians will only clean the floor and empty the contents of the kitchenette wastebaskets. Kitchenettes are subject to community billing.

PERSONAL TRASH: Residents are responsible for bagging, tying, and disposing of their own trash in the dumpsters located outside of the building. Personal trash is not to be disposed of in the trash receptacles within the building, nor is it to be left in the hallway or stairwells. Personal trash that is disposed of within the building or left in common areas will result in personal or community billing.

COMMUNITY BILLING: Residence hall damage and/or vandalism can be an unfortunate reality in community living. At Bluffton we choose to use community billing as each incident occurs. We believe this encourages a sense of ownership in residents, accountability within the community and improves our ability to control costs. Whenever the responsible individual(s) can be identified, the financial charges are levied to them and they can also be charged judicially.

When damage or cleanliness issues occur in a residence hall, residents are notified via the community billing information notice indicating the type of damage and the amount to be charged to each resident for the damage. Residents are given seven (7) days to assume or report responsibility. If the cause of the issue is not reported the divided amount is charged to each resident on the floor. Damage or cleanliness issues that occurs in a common area (lobby, kitchenette, stairwells, hallways, windows, etc.) is charged to the entire residence hall. Billing rates are determined by repair costs and labor.

If you observe cleanliness/safety issues on your floor, you should first talk with your RA and/or hall custodian about the issue.