Counseling office

24/7 on-demand crisis counseling and therapy

If you are dealing with any issue or concern that is causing excessive anxiety, preoccupation or worry etc., the university offers 24/7 health care through a partnership with The Virtual Care Group.

Bluffton students have free, unlimited access to a wide selection of behavioral health care providers, life coaching and on-demand crisis care. Meet with therapists through The Virtual Care Group’s secure, live video connection using a laptop, smartphone or tablet. The service is available August to May, on any device.

Current students may activate their account by registering at

If you are having difficulties activating your account or booking a telehealth visit, please call 24/7 customer support at 866-533-1827.

Looking for a private location to talk online with a Virtual Care Group counselor? A few options are:

  • Gray Room - Located on the 2nd floor of Musselman Library.
  • Centennial Hall 111 - Located at the end of the first-floor hallway in Centennial Hall.
  • 1899 Room - Located adjacent to Bob's Place on the lower level of Marbeck Center.
    NOTE: This space is available by making a reservation. Email - to confidentially reserve this room. 

Assistance is available in coping with issues, problems and concerns, including:

  • Family problems
  • Dating concerns
  • Grief/loss issues
  • Relationship issues, questions, concerns
  • Emotional problems, including depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness, anger, etc.
  • Suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • Eating disorders
  • Concerns associated with violence, sexual assault or rape
  • Childhood abuse
  • Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual issues or concerns
  • Alcohol/drug use, abuse or addiction
  • Anything that causes tension, conflict, worry, concern, pre-occupation, etc.

Counseling sessions are strictly confidential and no information is shared with any other person (including faculty, administration, staff, other students, your parents or any other family members) except in situations deemed to be life threatening.

If you are unsure about whether or not you need counseling or if counseling could be helpful to you, please give it a try, if only to evaluate what you need and to plan for how your needs can be satisfactorily met. The choice is always your own.