Emeriti faculty

Congratulations to our new emeriti faculty

Perry Bush

Dr. Perry J. Bush

Emeritus Professor of History

Dr. Perry Bush joined the Bluffton faculty in 1994. During his 30 years, Dr. Bush has been the historian’s voice of not only Bluffton’s campus history, but also captured important stories and impact of organizations in the northwest Ohio region, and for the Mennonite church. Perry served Bluffton’s faculty in many administrative roles, served in the community with local non-profits and in 2012, was selected as a Fullbright Scholar. But most importantly, Dr. Bush provided his students with transformative learning experiences through his passionate and lively teaching of history.

Deb Myers

Dr. Deborah Myers

Emeritus Professor of Food and Nutrition

Dr. Deborah Myers joined the Bluffton faculty in 2000 after a very successful career as a registered dietician in acute care clinical settings. After arriving at Bluffton, Deb quickly took on leadership roles as director of the program and eventually chairing the nutrition and dietetics department and the allied health sciences department. In 2012, Deb had a vision for Bluffton to be a site for the dietetics internship program and most recently, in 2023, Deb led the department through the transition to a graduate program of the RDN Integrated Master’s degree or Master of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Gary Schiefer

Gary Schiefer

Emeritus Professor of Business

Gary Schiefer arrived at Bluffton in 1990 to join the business department. During his time teaching, Gary taught classes in economics, management and finance – a rare combination for a faculty member to teach so effectively across all those disciplines. Almost every first-year business student for the last 34 years have started their major with a “Gary class” and ended their major with his capstone class. In addition to his teaching, Gary served for more than a decade as department chair and chaired or served on more than 20 faculty governance committees.