2024 Commencement

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Graduates celebrate success

Four years ago, the graduating baccalaureate class of 2024 began their journey at Bluffton University in the midst of a pandemic. Saturday, May 4, their journey was celebrated as 147 bachelor’s and master’s degrees were conferred.

Commencement speaker Glen Guyton, Mennonite Church USA executive director, encouraged graduates to celebrate how far they have come before stressing about the future. Graduates were encouraged to say out loud, with hands raised, “I succeeded.”

“You are a thousand times better than you were,” Guyton stressed. “Success is about growth.”

Guyton offered some secrets to success to the graduates. “Look back to see where you come from, don’t chase the idea of would have – should of – could of and, celebrate yourself,” he said. “My hope is that you do not pursue happiness – but be happy. That you do not chase dreams – but dream.”

Six states and four countries were represented in the graduating class. Dr. Alex Sider, interim vice president of academic affairs, shared that 16 first-generation students, 4 students with alumni parents and 1 student with an alumni grandparent were among the graduates.

The Master of Nutrition in Dietetics graduated its first four students. This one-year program meets new Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credentialing requirements.

In addition, Master of Arts in Education and Master of Business Administration graduate degrees were presented. Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Arts degrees were also conferred.

Commencement speaker Glen Guyton

Glen Guyton serves as a transformative leader within Mennonite Church USA, championing peace, justice and inclusivity. With a distinctive journey from an Air Force officer to the first African-American executive director of MC USA, Glen's leadership is marked by a commitment to Anabaptist principles and a deep dedication to nonviolence and community service. His work focuses on bridging divides, fostering understanding and promoting Anabaptist Christian values. 

As an author, he provides cultural and spiritual guidebooks aimed at empowering youth, young adults and congregations to enact meaningful change within their communities. With a Bachelor of Science in Management from the U.S. Air Force Academy and an Master of Education from Regent University, Guyton's academic background lays the foundation for his insightful strategies that drive positive change.