Diller Family Scholarships

2024 graduates

Karen and Ed Diller Family Scholarships make new beginnings possible

About four years ago, Karen `69 and Ed Diller `69 shared an interest in finding a different and significant way to invest in students to help them get to graduation. Improved graduation rates not only help more students be prepared for life and vocation, but also help with overall campus enrollment and create more alumni to support future generations.

With Karen and Ed’s future-driven vision and their passion to prepare more Bluffton graduates while honoring their immediate family legacy (Jason `95 and Rachel (Helmick) `98 Diller and Anna Diller-Stried `01 and Tim Stried `98), they established the Karen and Ed Diller Family Scholarship. Karen and Ed were also deeply influenced by the Bluffton legacy of parents, siblings and numerous other relatives.

This scholarship provided an annual grant and a stipend to a Bluffton student in their second semester who identified as American minority student with a GPA of 3.1 or higher, with financial need as determined by the FAFSA. Their vision was to close the gap on the student’s cost of attendance, allowing the student to complete their education with little-to-no out-of-pocket costs.

Through their philanthropy, Karen and Ed want to make new beginnings possible, specifically for American minority students. 

At graduation in May, the first Diller Family Scholar crossed the Commencement stage. A photo of the student shaking hands with President Wood was sent to Karen and Ed so they could share in the celebration of a Bluffton alumni’s new beginning. 

Since they started this scholarship, Karen and Ed established two additional grants; the most recent being set up this spring to be awarded this fall to a rising junior. Bluffton’s retention data shows that completion rates after the sophomore year for high-achieving students are often driven by the lack of resources to finish their degree. Karen and Ed’s commitment and strong belief that a Bluffton education matters, even as we purse a merger of operations with the University of Findlay, is inspiring.

Bluffton is blessed with loyal donors who have a strong passion to ensure that the Bluffton experience carries forward to future generations. Every four years, a little bit of the Bluffton experience renews itself with the current students; but the underpinnings of a shared Bluffton experience are strong thanks to Bluffton’s Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, alumni and donors.

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Online at www.bluffton.edu/newbeginnings or by US mail to: Bluffton University, 1 University Drive, Bluffton, OH 45817.