Adapting and Flourishing

The Fall 2020 issue of Bluffton magazine focuses on our current reality of living and learning during a pandemic. The goal is to give you a sense of what students are experiencing on the Bluffton University campus and how our faculty and staff have worked to make in-person learning possible.

Protect the Dam

From the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bluffton University's administration, faculty and staff have sought advice and rethought campus operations to reopen and welcome back students while prioritizing health and safety.

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2020-25 Strategic Plan

After a year of planning and discussion, Bluffton University is excited to move forward with implementing a five-year strategic plan.

Bluffton University will become a leader in community-responsive academic programs and experiential learning that focus on well-being and emotional intelligence; our students will graduate as discerning thinkers with resilient hearts for social justice and advocy.

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Modo Media

The show will go on for Bluffton’s “Messiah,” with the assistance of music alumni and co-owners of Modo Media, a video and design agency.

Marking the 125th performance >

Sherri Winegardner DNP

Dr. Sherri Winegardner is director and associate professor of nursing at Bluffton. This year, she is also chairing the Student Health and COVID-19 Steering Committee.

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