Classes that inspire

Many students name Bluffton’s cross-cultural program as one of the most transformative experiences of their college career. However, throughout their years of study, Bluffton students take part in a variety of classes that engage, uplift and inspire. Students shared a few of their favorites.

Cross Cultural experience Bolivia
The cross-cultural class and trip experience to Bolivia was more than I could have ever asked for; it helped me become a better person because it showed me how to love everyone around me and gave me a heart to serve whoever I am able to serve. My cross-cultural provided me with new friendships that will last me a lifetime. During these experiences you leave a part of your heart in the place you visit.” 
Andrew Hunter ’18

3D Modeling and Animation
3-D Modeling is a unique class because you can build something functional or decorative on the computer and then have it printed and ready to go by the next day. Whether I’m animating my 2-D film or printing reference models or creating 3-D landscapes for my characters to explore, I want to build everything from scratch now!” Brista Drake ’19

White water rafting class
“I have always liked being outdoors, so my favorite part about the whitewater rafting class was being able to go and do something that I might not have been able to do on my own. Going with a group of people made the experience even more fun, especially when it’s something you wouldn’t do in a normal college class.” 
Justin Dowdy ’19

Nutrition Education and Communication
“My favorite part about Nutrition Education and Communication was being part of the Wellness Expo. It teaches us the ways we’ll educate people when we reach our professional career; it was so great to see people excited about their health and the ways they can change their eating habits so easily!” Taylor Aurand ’19


Becoming a Scholar
Becoming a Scholar is different from my other classes because I got to learn more about Bluffton's four core values and what they mean to the school. BAS helps first-year students get a better understanding of what college is like, and it teaches you that sometimes it is okay to listen to others who don’t always have the same opinion as you.” Nicole Centofanti ’21

Concert band
Concert band is a great experience; you have the chance to meet people of all variations since the majority of the ensemble is not music majors. You build wonderful connections in a fun atmosphere that Dr. Couch helps us create.” 
Julian LaVallee ’21


Social and Philosphical Issues in Education class
The Social and Philosophical Issues in Education class opened my eyes to see what different schools look like in different places and settings and allowed me to think about how to teach students from a wide variety of backgrounds in the future.” Justin Berg ’19



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