A parent's role

Your student will be like no other student in his or her search for career direction. Whether your son or daughter is undecided in his or her major or is a graduating senior without a clear idea about what comes next, you play an important role. Here are some ways you can encourage your student:

  • Don't pretend to have all of the answers; encourage your student to use the resources available, like those in the Center for Career & Vocation
  • Be patient with your student but encourage him or her to continue working through the steps of discernment
  • Remember, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, nearly 50 percent of all students coming to college with a major in mind will change their major over the course of four years
  • Be a different voice than what your child may hear from our culture; help your child to know that his or her identity is much more than a job title
  • Offer to look through some of our information on Exploring Majors with your student and let them know you are there to offer support

The Center for Career and Vocation's role

As you help your student discern his or her career goals, it is helpful for you to understand our role in this process. At the Center for Career and Vocation, we:

  • challenge students while also providing support
  • encourage them to work to explore their identity and pursue their purpose
  • build and maintain relationships with area employers and alumni
  • serve Bluffton alumni for a lifetime
  • provide workshops and training in group and individual settings